Happy Valentine’s Day!

I loved watching the Audible interview and couldn't resist screenshotting these pics for posterity! Back to work now for me, but I'm looking forward to steak and baked potatoes tonight. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day! đź’•

Evening to Morning

So tired, can’t work anymoreWon’t sleep… don’t want toCan’t give up the time aloneBut it is guilt-coloured andSpent on a routine of TV and chips Too tired for anything elseToo aware of the stolen time lost(They don’t pay me enough for this)Stress at home; stress at workBoth now are the same place Home is where … Continue reading Evening to Morning


After my last post, waving October goodbye, I can only say, "New month; same old stuff." More work deadlines and more school drama managed. No new provincial election, although they are still counting the mail-in ballots from the election two weeks ago. It won't change the leadership result, but there were around a dozen seats … Continue reading Autumn