Wolverine #9: “Richard…Growl Differently!”

Without giving much away, this episode is very exciting and fast-paced, if somewhat gruesome. Much of what has been unknown is revealed. Logan/Wolverine (Richard Armitage) is much more present, appearing three times in the episode. I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of horrible people in the town of Burns, Alaska. Logan, … Continue reading Wolverine #9: “Richard…Growl Differently!”

Wolverine #7: “Twilight” Alum Caught up in Richard’s Monologue

Yes, this episode has an Armitage monologue, but there are still only 2 ½ minutes of him in #7... well, other than some claws and snarling in the background of one other scene. Thinking back, I'd be surprised if we had even 15 minutes total of Armitage scenes in the whole seven episodes to date. … Continue reading Wolverine #7: “Twilight” Alum Caught up in Richard’s Monologue

Wolverine #5: Richard Armitage Speaks and Rolls on the Floor

**Minor Spoilers** So, finally, we are treated to some more substantial dialogue for Richard Armitage in Wolverine: The Long Night. His parts of the episode are really good. He is definitely a master of vocal disguise -- I believe that I would not have recognized this gruff-voiced, snarly North American guy, if I didn't already know who … Continue reading Wolverine #5: Richard Armitage Speaks and Rolls on the Floor

Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”

In case you didn't see this, a joint audio/TV production has been announced that takes Wanderlust one step further -- and five lucky fans will be part of the action! WANDERLUST TRAVELS & CUISINE: CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS -- ENTRY DETAILS BELOW: Do you love romance? Do you enjoy exploring new places and trying new foods? … Continue reading Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”