Best Laid Plans

Oh yes I know… I said Part 1 and then didn’t do a Part 2… yet.

I suppose I was so caught up in the euphoria of my son finishing his school that I completely forgot I was entering what is arguably the busiest time in my work! After a blissful weekend of (deludedly) thinking the worst was behind me, I am right into the thick of it again with a major deadline looming in a couple of weeks. Soldier on, as my mother would have said.

That having being said, I’m still managing to swim/hot tub two or three times a week, and I finally seem to be reading for pleasure again more consistently, as well as watching some good stuff on TV. I also squeezed in a doctor’s appointment to get some test requisitions as part of my plan to try to feel better. (Still haven’t done the tests, but at least I took the first step.)

In the midst of all the work, the package from the Christmas fundraiser finally arrived from Ireland on Jan 28. Why it takes 6 weeks to arrive every time, I’m not sure, but receiving that package from the Armitage Army – Irish Section (lol) brightened my day, regardless!

Rachel’s wooden ornament is really great and I have pinned it to my bulletin board above my desk. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I can just look up!

On the other hand, while Guylty’s Richard Morse-code bracelet is really cool, it was immediately confiscated by one who believes he is somehow entitled to a new “belt”! The nerve!

While I was at work last weekend, my hubby and my son finally got the Christmas decorations put away — we were keeping them out hoping that the COVID restrictions would finally lift and we could have my older son over for a belated Christmas. Seems not to be, yet, as the restrictions have now (depressingly) been extended until further notice. I can’t complain too much, though. We can still go out and about with masks, but we are not allowed to socialize beyond our own household, even outside. Outside has been nice — I even saw some cherry blossoms a week or so ago! Cold snap is coming though, and there were a few flakes in the air today.

Yeah, not much… that was about the extent of it!

Anyway, with the decorations up for so long, I played around a bit with them to amuse myself.

This is actually a cardboard layered 3D puzzle that my older son and I put together many years ago…. the antlers are new.

Apparently, Santa and the reindeer went out for a night on the town while we were asleep!

Finally, even though Christmas is now long past, I wanted to share the face of an almost 14-year-old dog looking like a puppy waiting to open his stocking on Christmas morning!

I may still be MIA for a bit, as I try to meet my work deadline. Hoping to be able to reemerge soon.

11 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Oh my goodness – that took so long to get to you. No consolation, but just to say that some of my other letters to Croatia and the Netherlands as well as Germany, sent at the same time, also took as long as yours and only arrived last week. Crazy. This pandemic really has thrown everything in disarray. Nevertheless, hope you’ll enjoy everything!

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