I Wonder If She’ll Ever Meet Armitage?

I was browsing the internet a while ago (as one does)… maybe I typed in “I want to marry Richard Armitage” in a moment of weakness? Lol. Anyway… I came across this cute video from 2013 with an original song containing the unforgettable lyrics:

“What I really, really, really, really, really want is to marry Richard Armitage!”

The comedy/song video is by Dri Zitt who according to Soundcloud “sings (among other things) Folky Anglo-French Bonfire Candlelight Acoustic Songs. Sometimes she also sings comedy songs. She is also part of Georgian song trio Shemodgoma, to be found on Soundcloud.” (The sound in the video that follows starts at around 0:33, with a title sequence before.)

Catchy tune, right? And I love how “No Richard Armitages were hurt during the making of this video.” Lol.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Sony Pictures TV via IMDb

I wondered… “What is Dri doing now? I wonder if she’s still a fan?” I didn’t find out her fandom status, but it turns out she has had some acting roles on TV and also in a couple of Scottish movies. I realized that I’ve actually seen and enjoyed Adrienne-Marie Zitt’s work in the Outlander TV series, as she played Suzette for 5 episodes of Season 2. Some of her Suzette scenes are in her showreel on her Facebook page.

Can you imagine what might happen if Dri and Richard Armitage ended up in the same UK-based TV production? (I noticed in the old YouTube comments that someone had asked if she’d be okay with the commenter tweeting it out and tagging RA, and Dri thought that would be a great idea, so…)

“Richard, I’d like to introduce you to your new co-star, Andrienne-Marie Zitt.”

“Very nice to meet you Adrienne.”

OMG! OMG! It’s Richard freaking Armitage! “Nice to meet you too, Richard. I’m a big fan of your work. And please … call me Dri.”

Dri… Dri… where have I heard that name before? Wait a minute… “Was that you in that video…”

Blushing and thinking fast, “Oh in Outlander! Yes! Yes it was. “

(No Richard Armitages or Adriennes were hurt during the making of this little imagining.)

I’ve often wondered what would happen if I met Richard Armitage in a non-fan situation. How would he view online fangirling of himself? Would he be embarrassed or find it weird? Or would he be a good sport and see the humour in it?

26 thoughts on “I Wonder If She’ll Ever Meet Armitage?

  1. Hmm. There were a few of these vids (fans writing personal songs directed at Armitage) and I know she interviewed at least one of the composers, but I’m not finding it on her blog. Maybe it wasn’t this vid.

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  2. This is brilliant, Sue. Thanks for finding it. I actually haven’t listened to it yet (I find songs to Armitage usually too cringeworthy. I remember listening to the earlier ones and never making it to the end.) but I do like the little fact finding mission you went on. And the imagined conversation.
    As for meeting my crush in RL: Oh, I’d be a complete opportunist/liar and totally NOT let on that I am a fan *hahaha*

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    • Here I am, still up again when I should be sleeping! Glad you enjoyed the post. The video is pretty funny, as she and her friends dance around outside, one of them while wearing an Armitage pic as a mask! Yes, I thought it was interesting that she was in Outlander (although I abandoned the show eventually as it just didn’t grab me after the first season). Yeah, I would probably disavow my online persona totally if I met him in a casual situation.

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  3. That little video has been my favorite since I first saw it, Sue! It’s hilarious: I like the obvious diy style and the ironic setting which prevents it from being corny. And I especially like the epilogue – good to know that no Armitage was being hurt during the making of… 😂😂😂 Thanks for digging it out again!

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