How I Waste What Little Downtime I Have

Have you tried Photo Lab? No, this is not an ad, but someone mentioned this free app and now I have all these ridiculous Richard creations saved on my phone! Well, there is really nothing creative on my part, as you choose a pre-created background or effect and then combine it with an image and presto! But still, it’s a fun time-waster! (There is a pro version where you can remove the logo, but it doesn’t seem worth it just to have a laugh!)

London location for a London guy
I think I like this one the best. This is from the picture posted by the Richard III Society during the campaign to preserve Bosworth Field
Here the poor guy was, acting so hard on Berlin Station, and I just had to jump in and snap his picture!
Who needs a flower crown when you can have a sparkly, coloured Proctor head?
He was just lying on the floor trying to ease his back, but this selfie literally found its way right into my heart!

Two versions of the most recent selfie with Camilla Arfwedson on the set of The Stranger:

Ultra cheesy!
Good use of a cat to block the entirely unnecessary female











So there you have it. Your time as well as mine now well-wasted! Have a great weekend!

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