Ten Days

I often feel when I'm posting about vacations or fun times that it seems like I'm posting something blog-perfect (to steal a term from Instagram). Not that what I'm posting isn't real, of course, just that the warts are hidden from public consumption. So, today's post is filled with the regular and irregular ups and … Continue reading Ten Days

Finally… A Good On-Screen Project!

**NO SPOILERS** The anticipation is over... Thursday and Friday evening, I binge-watched Netflix's The Stranger starring Richard Armitage. What a relief to find that the 8-episode series is actually good! The Stranger is based on Harlan Coben's book of the same name. Red Production Company, Coben, and Danny Brocklehurst have collaborated on two previous series, but … Continue reading Finally… A Good On-Screen Project!

Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”

In case you didn't see this, a joint audio/TV production has been announced that takes Wanderlust one step further -- and five lucky fans will be part of the action! WANDERLUST TRAVELS & CUISINE: CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS -- ENTRY DETAILS BELOW: Do you love romance? Do you enjoy exploring new places and trying new foods? … Continue reading Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”