My Canada Day

Started with Starbucks, of course. (Yeah, it should be Tim Horton's but what can I say!) Stopped by the rugby field, where they were having the Provincial Regional Championships for boys and girls age-grade 15-a-side rugby. Out to Surrey, where I had a few minutes to read Daphne Du Maurier in the sun... ... before … Continue reading My Canada Day


I am shocked and horrified by the devastating attack on the patrons at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. My heart goes out to those who were there in the middle of the terror, both those who made it out and those who did not. The families and loved ones of those victims have my … Continue reading Monday

Technology Hates Me

I've come to the conclusion that technology hates me. The first piece of evidence is what happened when I published my previous post, Waiting for Guylty Treasures: A Saga in Verse, Links, and Pictures. The evidence below is presented for your consideration: When I clicked "Publish" on my previous post, the post didn't show up in the … Continue reading Technology Hates Me

Taking a mini-vacation… Stress relief without travel!

A few years ago, I wrote a piece for our Wellness Newsletter at work, which I wanted to share with you now. I was reminded of this earlier article after reading Heather Parish's latest blog post on "Stress and Fangirling" here. While my mini-vacation specifics have changed a bit since I wrote the article, my methods have … Continue reading Taking a mini-vacation… Stress relief without travel!