38 thoughts on “My Destination…

    • The picture is actually from two years ago — not that the view changes much. But when we stopped today for a human break on the drive here, I had WiFi for just long enough to pull up and post the photo of where we were headed.

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  1. Bonnes vacances! Profitez d’un grand bol d’air frais, maintenant que vous pouvez vous déplacez.
    Egalement en vacances depuis ce matin, je me découvre des dons en loisirs créatifs, en retapant des fauteuils.

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      • Notre maison de vacances est dans un état très dégradé. Je n’ai pas le choix (comme mon frère) que de devoir participer à sa réfection. Les fruits de mer, la plage et les couchers de soleil seront à portée de main.

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          • My parents bought the house in 1974. Lot of memories…
            Water infiltration coming down from the chimney forces us to redo the coverings floors and walls and to keep at bay the wood-eating insects that have swarmed this winter and attacked the furniture. They took advantage of the heat, the ambient humidity to proliferate. The surprise was great when we were released from containment. There are major works in perspective: revision of all the furniture one by one, application of insecticidal gel in the attic (by professonials), bare walls, laying of tiled floor next fall (pro), treatment of affected furniture (by us or cabinetmakers) … My daughter lives there for 3 and a half months (student job in oyster farming), the atmosphere must be healthy. We shal drive there with an vintage folding caravan from the 1970s. It will be the emergency accommodation during critical days …

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            • Sounds like a big (and ongoing) job, but worth it, especially with your daughter living there for part of the year. My husband’s family had a nice cottage that we used to stay at. Unfortunately, they had to sell it as they are close to 90, we are across the country, and his brother has a different summer place he likes to go to.


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