Wading into Controversy: “Cuties” (2020)

https://pixabay.com/illustrations/censored-censored-seal-web-speech-1680266/ I am always intrigued when I see people stridently advocating censorship, particularly even before they have watched or read the work in question. You may have seen the online controversy over Cuties, the new film distributed by BAC Films in France and by Netflix in the rest of the world. To give an oversimplified … Continue reading Wading into Controversy: “Cuties” (2020)

The Lodge

As you may remember, I was very disappointed that scheduled events on the home front prevented me from flying to Toronto to see My Zoe, but I did get to see The Lodge on Friday, at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). (Thanks, Serv, for letting me know it would be playing here!) The film was scheduled … Continue reading The Lodge