I’m Melting! Melting!

You guessed it… we are in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave here. 54 records broken on Saturday in my province. Forecasted high for tomorrow is 41 Celsius (nearly 106 F)! What the heck?

For a place that has generally moderate temperatures, we are just not prepared. I spent the weekend at the office, which at least has air conditioning. But at home, it’s brutal. No forced air system so central air conditioning is just not possible. Last year, though, we finally bought a stand-alone a/c unit for each of our bedrooms, so at least we can sleep!

Tuesday it will start the descent to more normal temps… but what was I thinking? Next Saturday we leave for our one-week annual beach vacation – on a lake in desert country! Supposed to be mid- to high- 30’s by then … and at least we are staying in air conditioning!

Stay cool, and drink lots of water!

27 thoughts on “I’m Melting! Melting!

  1. 41°C???? Jeepers, that’s definitely not right. Climate change is real – the last week has brought that home to me again. Hope your temperatures will become bearable again and you’ll enjoy your holiday, Sue.

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      • So bad news for all of us and knowing that air conditioning produces more ozone … it’s a bad immediate solution. During a scorching summer, I had noticed that the underground rooms were the freshes (cellar, garage, shelters under terrace).
        Hobbit’s quotes:
        “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”
        “Deep down here by the dark water lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature. I don’t know where he came from, nor who or what he was. He was Gollum.”
        “Hobbits always so polite, yes! O nice hobbits! Smeagol brings them up secret ways that nobody else could find. Tired he is, thirsty he is, yes THIRSTY”.
        Who could longer deny the climate change is a blind idiot.
        Those growing alarming phenomena requires focused attention with urgent and decisive global action by the international community.
        But there is no more time to loose, Just it’s now to each of us to begin to contribuate to find solutions , so that step by step our each everyday activities evolue in a good direction.

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        • Yes, true, but on the other hand, without air conditioning, hundreds of people actually died here during those few days due to the heat. Greater good might be no air conditioning, but you can’t have individuals dying. If we had a basement, that would be an option, but we do not and many don’t here. I agree we need to try to change things. It’s getting scary.

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        • When I was a kid, there were two unbearable weeks of summer here, always in mid-August. We basically moved into the basement for that time and it was (if not convenient) at least doable. “Unbearable” here meant high 80s Fahrenheit. But even then that was a boundary situation. We went to movies almost every day during the worst hours in mid-afternoon. Basements are not a viable response to the heat levels the US West Coast experienced this week.

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          • And most of the houses here were built either without basements or with basements that are halfway above ground. They did open up the public libraries for refuge and there are the shopping malls during hours they are open. When I was a kid the temperatures would go up to 100 in Toronto and Montreal. Didn’t seem so bad to me as a kid and we did a lot of running through sprinklers. But it wasn’t as hot as the temps here last week. In another part of BC, it reached 49.5 C (121 F), an all-time Canada high. Then a forest fire started and buildings were destroyed. They barely had warning, but I believe everyone was able to evacuate in time.

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  2. I live in the South Eastern area of Metro Vancouver which is further into the Fraser Valley and the forecast for today is as follows:
    Sunny. High 34 except 43 inland (which includes where I live) Humidex 42 except 50 inland. UV index 9 or very high.
    Nighttime will only go down to 24 so not much relief there. I guess I’ll be staying put today!! At least my place is the coolest in the house and I’m thankful for that!! 🥵
    Heat warnings are in place although it does seem it will cool slightly in the next few days. That will be welcome for sure!

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    • It is humid, in fact. Today set up my computer in the bedroom and worked from there, since I have the stand-alone a/c unit in there. I brought my poor old dog into the room too. Even the tile floors where he usually cools off were hot today!

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  3. Take care!
    No Summer time, Autumn has arrived here, in France with rainy cold days and mushrooms growing in fields and forests…
    title songs:
    Nino Ferrer – La Maison Près De La Fontaine –
    GRAUZONE – EISBAER (remastered) – official video

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