Trevor Belmont at the Beach

Not only did my family and I go on vacation, but there was a little stowaway in my bag! None other than the (in)famous Trevor Belmont (a.k.a. Richard Armitage’s character in Castlevania).

He set himself to guarding the fruit after our initial grocery run.


But he soon decided that his awesomeness would look better with the lake view as a background.


The next day, he wasn’t so sure about the beach area and so he approached with extreme stealth and caution.

Soon, though, he settled into the beach vibe, but not before first arming himself with something that looked suspiciously like an oakenshield. (Trevor is a little vain and requested a filter here, so I “intentionally” smeared sunscreen on the lens.)

He even took a dip in the lake (once I finally braved the laughter of my family)!

Trevor was nice enough to show his appreciation for being included in our family vacation.


But by the end of the day, he had reverted to form and had a lovely sleep on the dining room table.

45 thoughts on “Trevor Belmont at the Beach

  1. Trevor is in the house!!! I especially love the Trevor deep into the Pinot Noir (is that the Armitage brand by chance) and guarding the Smirnoff Ice!!
    what a fantastic and endearing trip you have provided for us!! Trevor in action especially “The Best Time of My life? Now” bag indeed Sue indeed. where can I get one of those?


  2. Vous faites œuvre de charité sociale en vous occupant de Trevor Belmont, pendant vos vacances. Quelle abnégation, quelles responsabilités de votre part ! Acceptez que je vous envoie mon soutien psychologique et toutes mes ondes positives, afin que vous puissiez mener à bien cette mission hasardeuse. Puissiez-vous nous envoyer d’autres magnifiques images de ce personnage, en ce lieu magnifique.
    Bon séjour et (bon courage donc)!

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  3. Lol. That’s me really late to the party. Nice travel companion you had! BtW he moved in to our household recently though my family had their concerns too. And he’s still in his box. For his own safety and to prove my sanity. But gradually they’ll get accustomed to him. 😂😂
    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

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