Wading into Controversy: “Cuties” (2020)

https://pixabay.com/illustrations/censored-censored-seal-web-speech-1680266/ I am always intrigued when I see people stridently advocating censorship, particularly even before they have watched or read the work in question. You may have seen the online controversy over Cuties, the new film distributed by BAC Films in France and by Netflix in the rest of the world. To give an oversimplified … Continue reading Wading into Controversy: “Cuties” (2020)

Stress Relief – A Concert – I’m with Her

I stumbled across a newish musical group that I really like. I'm with Her has been called a folk supergroup, with three female singer-songwriter-instrumentalists getting together in gorgeous harmony with bluegrass and roots stylings. (They remind me a bit of the more bluegrassy Dixie Chicks songs.) Before you ask, I'm with Her had their name … Continue reading Stress Relief – A Concert – I’m with Her