Happy International Women’s Day!

Today at work we had a party with lots of purple and a fabulous cake.

The organizers showed this video with the song “Bread & Roses”, with a folk duo singing.

As a finale to the day, I am taking myself out to see “The Favourite” to enjoy the reportedly fine female performances. Happy International Women’s Day!

21 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Sue, that cake looks really good! Let us know how you liked The Favourite. I plan to watch it soon but probably PPV! Glass of wine would help too!!
    We got a little snow shower today. Today reminded me of your last post on Vancouver weather. I’m always happy to have reminders of ya!! 😘❤️❤️❤️👍
    Have a great weekend. Get some rest!

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    • The cake was great — even had chocolate ice cream in the centre! The acting was really good in The Favourite. The movie itself is kind of strange. Our weather seems more settled now. Snow on the ground but temps above freezing. Sunny today. As for resting… no, see that’s the thing… I’ll be working again. Deadlines. Sigh. Hope you have a good one though.

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      • Oh no Sue. Yeah going to the theatre today another escape drug for me.
        Choc ice cream to go w it yummy!!!
        We have dreary cold today
        Snow didn’t really stick yesterday
        Day just reminded me of your Vancouver blog post very eloquently stated and relatable!
        Hang in there! Hopefully a post tea The Favourite soon?

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              • Sue I did more than I thought but I was one of the youngest at 51 in the audience! Then I saw The Favourite finally on PPV on Saturday night
                All that female fighting and faux friendship stuff in both pieces messed w my head!
                Well Toronto should be great and not that far in the future. Is it just you going?

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                • That’s weird. You wouldn’t think that would attract mainly an older audience. I’m going to Toronto for a work conference, so by myself. You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to being on my own for a few days! And then spending a few days with family.

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                  • I know this play had young people in it and the matre d was an older actor but the audience were primarily septagenerians! There were a couple of younger women but the audience seemed to get what was going on. The Matre D even made a cheeky comment after intermission if everyone was still awake!! I thought that was really funny!! Wasn’t brilliantly done but the playwright and directors POV were clearly made and the audience responded very respectfully and politely. I like the different venues with different audiences. I people watch a l lot so I like the intricacies of who goes to the theatre, what they wear, how they interact, who they come with, demographics. I didn’t want to be sitting there on my phone fumbling around self conscious so I gaze and people watch instead. I was also taking mental notes for the blog post. The picture I got of the stage was horrible so I ended up not using that.

                    Toronto: I’m so happy for you to get away. Alone time can be great and also to see your sister and family!

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    • Yes that’s right! Bread and roses are a symbol for the day. It comes from a speech by suffragette and labour activist Rose Scneiderman more than a century ago, where she said that a woman worker needs bread but she needs roses too. i.e. more than subsistence. The phrase then was written into a poem about the movement in 1911 by James Oppenheim, which was then set to music in the ‘70’s and sung by various people including Joan Baez and Judy Collins. In the post, i included a YouTube video of the song, which is quite inspiring to me.


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