Why Is It Still Winter?

Sorry I’ve been so silent lately. The pace of my work right now barely leaves time to breathe.

The weather here is unsettled. I left home this morning seeing no precipitation in my neighbourhood, then hit some snow that really slowed the traffic down. (It is Vancouver, after all… a bit of snow almost immobilizes the city.) Once I finished my breakfast meeting down by the water, the sun was trying to break through the clouds.


Rain and snow came and went throughout the day with hail in some parts of the city. By the time I arrived home from my evening networking event, my street looked like this.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

12 thoughts on “Why Is It Still Winter?

  1. Sue!! I miss you so much! I’m sorry your work
    is so hectic. I hope hectic but not mentally toxic like overbearing boss (Esthers MM) will
    find some avenue of easement soon.
    The weather in your pics seems to describe
    much happening in your world and mine
    Mine emotionally lately but your pics and posts
    are always delightful! Postive thoughts and hugs to you !!❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘🐶

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  2. Sending you a big hug. Totally with you both themes (work is impossible and what is going on with the weather). It’s about 7F right now — after last weekend’s 6 in we immediately plunged into the deep freeze and we *might* get to near freezing temperatures tomorrow. The city next door announced that they are running out of road salt and will only be able to salt bridges and major thoroughfares for the remainder of the season (which lasted another six weeks last year). So done with it all.

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    • Thanks for the hug. Sending one back to you. The snow here, of course, is nothing like what you’ve been having! Your pics of it are impressive, on the porch and in the yard. At least our weather isn’t too cold and hovers around the freezing mark. Running out of road salt is bad! Hope the roads don’t get too slippery because of it. They used to not have to salt the roads much here and cars all lasted longer because of it. But with the weather the way it is now, that’s changed.

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