Seeing Double?

The other day I was having an exciting time browsing accounting software when I came across this picture that looks remarkably like someone we know…


He often displays his penchant for baseball caps and the facial expression certainly matches one of his go-to poses for pictures…

And we know that he has at least pretended to have accounting skills when he played Harry Kennedy, who famously “worked it out with a pencil”… or sometimes with a computer…

Harry the Accountant

Cropped from picture at

We’ve also seen him riding a bike, in quite different gear, in Berlin Station…

But was he really supplementing his income by applying his talents at this Vancouver invoice automation company? Or alternatively, does the company have a staffer who could supplement his own income by getting work as a double? Hmmm.

12 thoughts on “Seeing Double?

  1. Richard Armitage is TOTALLY fascinated by invoice automation. This whole founding his own production company thing is a cover for the innovations he’s planning to make in accounts receivable. He will change the world, I tell you.

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  2. This is so cute!! I like how you tie this in at the end. I thought looking at that group picture it was you and family or friends biking although I don’t know what you look like. Beautiful no doubt!! did you get the software to work?

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    • Thanks! You probably wouldn’t see me on a bike. I own one, but I always seem to have a sprained ankle or something that prevents me from riding. The software looks to be promising. Are you still thinking of coming to Vancouver?

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      • I haven’t been on a bike since like 2006! I own one now but I am klutzy and would probably crash!

        I have to push Vancouver off for now b/c of my mom’s health. My dad said in Nov at Thanksgiving don’t make any travel plans in the next 3-4 months so luckily I didn’t book any flights yet. She’s depressed right now and it’s been hard on my siblings and I. Part of the funk for me the last few weeks has been her mental state. Hard to wrap your head around someone admitting they want to give up living. She seems a bit better now but I don’t want to be away and he calls and I’m not there within a day. My brother feels the same way. My sister is the first responder and lives like 20 minutes from our parents. I know more than you asked here. Sorry about that.
        I will come to Vancouver in the next year hopefully and hopefully be able to meet up with you!!

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        • It’s been a really long time since I’ve ridden too.

          Oh well that’s really too bad about your mom. Sound like it’s tough on everyone. It’s more important to be available when your family needs you. A meet-up would be fun. I was wondering, too, because I’m going to be away for a week in April. Going to a conference in Toronto and visiting the family as well.

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