Winter! (It’s Arrived…)

So, did I jinx Vancouver with my cheeky post of the beautiful weather we were having? Judge for yourself. On the left is the view from my office window on Sunday. On the right is the same corner taken from outside on January 31. (You can see the bend at the top of the evergreen tree across the street.) What a difference!

By the way, have you ever seen how Vancouverites deal with snow?


Yes, the ubiquitous umbrella! I kid you not. While I watched, I must have seen at least half-a-dozen people go by with their brollies up to protect them from the snow!

Another thing I saw was a car slip-sliding as it tried to pull out from the curb to go up the hill on the busy street. The solution? Three children piled out of the car, got behind it, and pushed uphill! I watched in horror but was very thankful that everyone survived.

As for the neighbourhood rats, they are still causing havoc. They chewed the wires on my older son’s car this time, with the car dying on his way to work. He had to have it towed as well as getting it fixed. Same day he came down with the terrible stomach flu my younger son had had the previous weekend. Poor guy. He (the older one) lost 12 pounds in 3 days! And unlike me, he really doesn’t have a spare 12 pounds. Ah well. He’s fully recovered now, thank goodness, if a tad skinnier.

fax-1920917_640Last night I had to do the scoresheet at my younger son’s hockey game. So confusing and I really could not keep it straight! 19 penalties and 12 goals! At one point, there were four guys from our team in the penalty box. No one could figure out exactly what was going on — who got which penalty and for how long and why. Then, after our team had unfortunately lost the game, we tried to get out of the freezing cold score box, only to find that the door was stuck! We thought we might have to spend the night there, but finally we got free.

And a good time was had by all.

4 thoughts on “Winter! (It’s Arrived…)

  1. maybe you all should just stay in the house till spring? Hang in there, and you have my deep sympathies (we’re halfway into a foot of snow that is supposed to fall today).

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    • All the schools are closed today. My son is very happy. We’ve closed all our offices today too. I’m very happy! I used to love the snow when I was a kid. Saw some kids making snow angels yesterday. Cute.

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