A Day off and Sunny Weather!

Hard to believe, but Sunday was my first day off in I don’t know how long! I slept in and then went outside to find that it was sunny — and warm enough to forgo the jacket and just wear a short-sleeved shirt! The Weather Network says it’s going up to 19 Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) this week. The dog certainly enjoyed his first patch of sun in a long time. He could barely keep his eyes open!

Dog in the Sun

Most of my day was spent on shopping, cooking and laundry, but my hubby and I did go on a “date” to buy pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is what we do for fun on our one hour together? But it actually was fun (and I slept a lot better last night). We also picked up some small kitchen items that will come in handy. While we were there, I came across this public art — I was hoping to find something about it online, but no luck. It’s a fun piece, though.

Man with Shoe

Speaking of fun pieces… I’ve often wondered about the unusual shape of these bushes in my neighbourhood…


I also snapped a couple of more traditional shots too…

Burrard InletSunset

And then at work today, I noticed that they had filled the planters outside my local Starbucks!


With any luck, Spring will be here to stay — and maybe I’ll even start to have a little more free time. I’ve almost forgotten what that’s like.

30 thoughts on “A Day off and Sunny Weather!

  1. I’m do glad to hear you finally got a break. Gorgeous weather and gorgeous photos, Sue. Those bushes are… unusual? 😳
    I will have to scrape my windshield this morning. 🙄 Hoping for spring every day!

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  2. I’ve been grateful for warmer temps here, too — although of course now comes the melt. My campus was surrounded by water on three sides last Thursday. Thankfully we’re on spring break this week. I’m still working but the liberty not to go to class seems huge. I’m glad your spring is coming!

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    • You had so much snow! I can imagine the melt is pretty major. Nice you’re on spring break. My son’s off too, so at least I didn’t have to drag him out of bed today. I think he slept into the afternoon!


  3. Sue, you sound much more relaxed and I am so happy you had a day off but you were very very busy! The shoe and the footman: were they outside of a shopping center or square in downtown? The 60’s are a lovely temp range and I love the bushes by your house. I also love the landscape pic: you have a great eye and there is so much depth in your pics.
    Glad doggie got his day in the sun,. Mine were frolicking on Sunday in the backyard. The cocker spaniel was rolling around the grass! I can imagine you were smiling writing this post which makes me smile!!

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    • Very busy! I cooked a great chicken dish, but it took me forever so we ate late. The shoe and footman are in a square behind a shopping centre. It’s weird… I don’t know how long they’ve been there and there was no plaque and nothing on line.

      Nice that your dogs had some fun outside! It’s another gorgeous day here — I’m sitting having lunch and through the window I can see the snow-capped mountains and a pure blue sky.


      • Sue, excellent on the weather front. I love how you can see unusual things and write a blurb about them such as the bushes or the statutes and allow your readers to draw their own conclusions!
        Are you seeing anymore plays in the future?
        How active is the theatre scene in Vancouver?
        We had a lovely day here although I was inside all day but the pups are frolicking in the backyard as I open a bottle of Malbec Argentinian wine!

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          • That’s right Pink! Hooray!!!

            The Malbec is Argentinian, ok a bit mild I admit. I liked the price and the cover of the wine bottle. I like to try out different types although Syrah is my fav now esp anything from New Zealand. Just the flavor really agrees with my palette!! I still want to try that Armitage wine you write the blog post about!!

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            • I tried Malbec first at an event I went to a few years ago and I buy it from time to time. My favourite is Pinot Noir. Although I’ve been drinking a dry rose recently. (Sorry, no accents on the phone app.)


  4. Sue, so nice to see that you had a bit of time for yourself. It has been a very long winter but there are all kinds of signs of spring. Hope you have more to me to smell and admire the spring flowers.

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    • Thanks! It was good. I’m glad it’s looking like spring there too… I was really hoping that it wouldn’t still be winter when I’m there in late April.


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