I Can’t Believe It’s Been 4 Weeks…

questions-2132217_640I came back from the beach with new resolve that somehow I would get my life organized enough to do the things that feel good to me, like blogging. We were going to make time to swim every day (did it twice) and I would be home cooking dinner more often instead of working (didn’t last and the stress of juggling was not sustainable). Frankly, I haven’t even been able to keep up with my blogging friends, either, so I am feeling a bit disconnected. (Sorry… hope to catch up with you all soon.)

After finishing our Osoyoos vacation (more pictures at the end of the post), I worked and worked, and I got my son ready for his three-week camping trip. Got him on his bus at 7:45 on the Saturday morning and then worked all weekend and pretty much 12-hour days all week. Mind you, last week was full of accomplishments, so maybe I’m making some progress. And I hired someone as part of our restructuring that might make my life easier. Or harder. We’ll see.

I finally understand why I’m so exhausted all the time and feeling like I can’t keep up with the work. At our annual staff planning meeting, my boss showed the following video to illustrate that we don’t have time to step back and plan… we just have to keep moving:

Okay then.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures of the second half of my Osoyoos vacation before it gets too far into the past.

We had some great meals while we were away. The first picture is the view from a Boston Pizza chain restaurant overlooking Osoyoos Lake. There’s a surprisingly good independent restaurant in the town, called the Wildfire Grill, which does a really nice steak and appetizers like the escargots and samosa spring rolls pictured. And last but not least were the meals cooked on the barbecue on our balcony thanks to my own grill chef (a.k.a. husband).

The views of and from the wineries are really gorgeous (as is the wine). The two on the right with the flowers and plants are at Stoneboat, while the others are from Burrowing Owl. which makes my favourite fortified wine, Coruja, meaning “owl” in Portuguese.

Even the mini-golf course is picturesque! Our family tournament is always a highlight — the competition is fierce and the point spread close enough for recounts to be demanded!

And finally, a few shots in and around the area — I love capturing the cloud patterns in the sky — and ending with a colourful sunset shot.

With the post-Osoyoos hard work behind me, my husband and I are now on another adventure… I’ll post about our current trip soon, if I can steal a bit more time away.

39 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It’s Been 4 Weeks…

  1. Sue the trip sounds fabulous and the pictures and meals look yummy!
    I am a big cloud formation gal so those pics you shared are just breathtaking!
    Glad you and your hubby are off together on another adventure !
    We love you and all your posts are welcoming and wonderful!!
    Hope things at work ease up a bit too! 😘❤️

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  2. Your husband can come here to grill any time he likes.

    I’ve missed you — but really time to rest is most important. (Don’t ask me how I know.) Looking forward to more on your time table.

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  3. Bonnes résolutions!
    Partir en vacances est le meilleur moyen de prendre du recul et de réfléchir à son propre emploi du temps. Tenez-vous bien à ces décisions car la routine peut vite les réduire au néant.
    Bon courage, pour la reprise!

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  4. mini golf question: if your ball is too close to the wall to get your putter behind it, does your family let you move it the length of the putter head away? this seems to be one of those house rules that some people follow and some people call ‘cheating’. we move it 😉 😀

    beautiful pics too! those views are breathtaking 😎

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  5. Oh, wow, that does all look so gorgeous! Pity holidays fly by so quickly….
    Hope the new person at work will help make things a little easier for you. The craziness with work you have to deal with constantly is not sustainable, so take care of yourself when you can!

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