Toronto Revisited; and Vancouver

So, Guylty was asking if the view in Toronto is a nice as the one I left in Vancouver.

Well, there are no mountains, but here’s the view from the conference centre I’m at during the day. Nice juxtaposition of old and new. (The old is Toronto’s Old City Hall.)


My hotel has a swimming pool and deck on the 27th floor. For some reason, the deck is closed right now, so I had to take a picture through the reflections in the glass. (Ahead is Toronto’s CN Tower.)


I’m staying only a block away from where I lived more than 30 years ago. I found it so disorienting after so long that I had to ask my sister where my old building was. A lot has changed, including Dundas Square which reminds me of a Times Square Junior with its lit-up billboards. When I lived here it was just a city block. Funny, too, that I used to have no problem with the city sounds at night. Last night I got almost no sleep, first because of the sirens, traffic, and shouting, and second because of the 3-hour time difference — I was trying to sleep at midnight local time, which was only 9 p.m Vancouver time!

Here’s my old apartment building. Mine was on the second floor above the overhang — facilitating the break-in I had back then. I had walked into the apartment and there was a guy there! I quickly closed the door and he quickly exited through the window he came in by! Scary!


On the plane on the way to Toronto, I heard a little noise and looked kitty-corner across the aisle to see this little guy peeking out of his carrier! He seemed to be quite content on the flight.


Vancouver is having a pretty Spring. The weekend before I left Vancouver, I captured another photo of the second phase of blossoms on this particularly well-treed street.


Unfortunately, I also captured this photo…


Gas prices hit an all-time high of 172.9 cents CAD per litre (or around $4.85 USD per gallon). Just insane. I wasn’t sorry to leave that behind!

Hopefully, sometime soon I’ll have time and energy to write some actual words, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy the pictures.

23 thoughts on “Toronto Revisited; and Vancouver

  1. Thank you for taking us to Toronto, Sue!!! That view from the conference center is very “new world” 😉 – the skyscrapers, the glass, the dwarfed old building. Nice! And a swimming pool on the 27th floor – I always think that is cool.
    I found it very interesting, btw, that in Canada you buy/measure petrol/Diesel by the litre, whereas your big neighbour to the South uses gallons.

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    • You’re welcome! Thanks for coming along! I meant to actually swim in the pool, but I decided I’d rather watch post some pics and then watch some N&S.

      Yes, Canada went metric back when I was around 14. I think only half metrically, given that the old system was firmly entrenched in my head by then. For example, I can only understand my weight and height in pounds and feet+inches.


  2. Sue which hotel are you staying at cuz your view looks so familiar!! Great juxtaposition if old and new I love the contrast and comparison!! Also the second round of blossoms are delightful!
    Don’t know what I would do if I caught someone in my house/flat wow 😲 that would burn in my memory too!!
    I loved Toronto when I went 10 years ago!!
    Gorgeous city with classic and contemporary everything.
    Have a great time at your conference and visiting your sister and family!
    The doggie in the carrier was a sweet touch!!

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    • I’m at a hotel just north of the Eaton Centre. Glad you enjoyed the pics! I find the city looks older than I felt it did when I lived downtown.

      My reaction when I saw someone in my apartment was to close and lock my apartment door. Probably the safest thing to do. It really freaked my mum out and she wasn’t happy until I moved.

      Thanks. On a coffee break now. I go to my sister’s place tomorrow.

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  3. I filled up dad’s truck last night (40 gallons) in anticipation of the price spike. (I’m also enraged by the reasons for it, but that’s another matter.) Doing my car this morning on the way to campus (only 15 gal).

    Can I say, although it depends a bit on where I am in relationship to the mountains, that they tend to make me feel claustrophobic? I really like Toronto — have been there at least four times for conferences. Thanks for bringing us along!

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    • I’m really glad not to be driving for a week, although the prices are nowhere near as high here. In addition to the other factors, BC has a carbon tax that makes our prices higher than elsewhere in Canada, although I think the other provinces are being made to follow suit soon.

      The mountains are far enough away to be a backdrop to the city — and (for those of us who are directionally challenged) you always know which way is North! Toronto was exciting when I was young, living and working downtown. And I’m lucky I’ve been able to come and visit the family 3 times this past year. Didn’t you also come to Toronto for Brain in Fire? Thanks for coming along virtually this time!

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  4. Pictures are beautiful!
    As for gas prices, I think we beat Canada over here. Sadly we’re one of the most expensive gas countries in the world. 😦
    Just did a currency conversion for Canadian Dollars to Euro. So, 1.729 CAD to EUR = 1.14903 Euros. Here 1 litre of Diesel costs €1,48, but at our local cheap gas station it’s €1.40 which translates to 1.369 EUR to CAD = 2.06024 Canadian Dollars . We ourselves don’t drive Diesel but unleaded and a regular unleaded at our low-price gas station is even more expensive about 1.679 EUR to CAD = 2.52677 EUR. There’s a real reason why Mr Esther & I have recently bought a hybrid Toyota car – it will save us half the money on gas!

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