Weirdness in the Air


What the heck is going on this week? I have had some really strange experiences.

Some are of my own making, like staying at my empty office with my teenage son until midnight last night while spurring him on to finish his final school project of the year. Done… and now I know way more about drones than I ever thought I would!

Others are just weirdness in the air:

  • Spicy food and unusual pick-up banter?

buffet-315691_640On Friday, I decided to go on my own to an Indian buffet for lunch.

It was pretty busy and I sat down to wait for a table. The man sitting next to me nicely said, “We can share a table if you want so you won’t have to wait as long.” Really, I wanted to read my book and I told him so.

“Oh, you can still do that and share my table and we can talk.” I tried to let him know I wasn’t interested. (I so rarely get a few minutes to myself.)

While we continued to wait, he began, “My wife had me charged with assault and I’ve been in leg chains and handcuffs! She was trying to get rid of me. My lawyer told me I’d done nothing wrong and he got me out of jail. But it still took eight hours! Now I want to get rid of her! I’m staying in a hotel for $130 a night now. Tomorrow, I’m cutting off her phone and electricity!”

At that point, the hostess announced that his table was ready.

“So,” he said, “do you want to share my table?” Um… no.

  • Bad parking, Dude!

parking-1936386_640Yesterday, I parked my car in the lot in front of a Starbucks.

As I opened my door to get out, a driver began backing his car into the space to my left. I waited with my door slightly open and then looked out, thinking there was not much room to get out. After initially parking, he backed about halfway out of the space and I got out of the car. Unfortunately, he did too… and proceeded to lay into me!

“Don’t you see what that space says? ‘Small car!’ Do you think your SUV is a small car? And look — you are over the line!”

Okay, well a smidgen of my left front tire was just slightly over, but as I said, “You have four feet between you and the wall. You could move over or just park your car however close to me you want!”

That twenty-something guy then yelled at this fifty-eight-year-old woman, “Dude! Just admit that you’ve done something wrong!” (Can’t say I’ve been called “dude” much in my lifetime.)

This went on for some time. It finally came out that he thought I had looked at him in an accusing way. Okay.

  • Fingered! And for what?


This morning, as I was driving into my office parking lot (which is shared with a condo building), a woman in an exiting car just totally randomly gave me the finger. Thanks.

  • I’m alive!

This afternoon, while I rode with an exceptionally safe driver (usually), I came pretty close to being killed.

The driver of our car was waiting to turn left across a busy intersection and somehow thought that the car heading straight towards us at high speed was turning left too. It was not.

sign-2864889_640Sitting directly in front of the oncoming car in the right rear passenger seat, I cringed and braced myself for the impact…

Luckily, we zoomed through just ahead of the anticipated collision, to the sound of a loud horn. Phew.

So, what is going on? Could it be the full moon coming on Thursday?

I don’t know… maybe I should just stay home.Tired Out

26 thoughts on “Weirdness in the Air

  1. When driving my Taurus I’m a scrupulous parker. However, for the last two and a half weeks I have been driving dad’s Ford F150 crew cab (with occasionally interruptions driving his F350 pickup truck), because my car is too low to the ground for him to get in and out of, and it has no air conditioning. We’ve also applied for a handicapped sticker but not gotten it. So I’ve taken to parking in two parking spaces, partially to make sure I have the space to unload him, and partially because I still have issues with the turning ratio and not knowing exactly where the back end of the truck will land.

    Moral of the story: never judging anyone’s parking again, LOL.

    I agree, strange week. Hope things improve(d)!

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    • My parking seems to be getting worse. I think I’m just focused on other things. I don’t know about the weirdness dissipating… the other day there was a guy at the coffee shop who kept going on about how the Illuminati Eye was watching him and controlling his life!


  2. Well I had a weird thing happen to me today flying home from Florida after my sis’ bday trip
    Southwest is an American airline where there is
    open seating I don’t know if Europe has an equivalent anyway I was in Group A got my
    beloved window seat and a woman and her
    precocious son Oliver sit down next to me. I smile and look out the window bec they are loading luggage onto the plane and I was hunting for my 2 bags (2 fly free) when Oliver
    proceeds to tell me I look sad and lost staring
    out the window. My eyes about fell out of their socket like thanks kid you talk to everyone like that? I replied um I appreciate your honesty
    What the hell else was I going to say you’re a
    a little prick and mom needs to school you on manners and respecting other people. I wasn’t even going to write this but it stuck w me all evening so I guess I had to vent about it.
    Not quite as weird as your encounters but odd.

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    • Yeah, that’s pretty odd. I can see how that would bug you and stick with you. It sounds more like something he heard an adult say and then he repeated it.

      I had a phone scammer tell me I was rude the other day and hang up on me. Lol.


      • Well I appreciate you saying it was weird
        I had a bit of Richard regret tweeter syndrome
        like should I have posted this or was I being
        uber sensitive since it had been a long traveling day. Maybe what set me off was the mom’s non response to Oliver’s comment. I kept waiting for her to say “I’m sorry for his outburst “ but alas no go.

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      • That happened to me recently, too — about four days after dad’s stroke, we were both sleeping and a scammer called, with a number that looked like it could be from his doctor’s office, so I didn’t just hang up, and eventually I screamed WHO IS CALLING and the scammer said, why are you screaming? and I yelled BECAUSE YOU JUST WOKE UP THE DAUGHTER OF A MAN WITH A STORKE and she said, oh, and hung up.

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          • Yeah, I’ve had to tell dad not to answer the phone unless he knows who’s calling. The next step will be to make sure that only numbers approved in advance can call him. A real shame.

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            • So many scammers around. Last week I had three voice mails from Canada Revenue Service (supposedly) telling me there was a lawsuit and that if I didn’t call back immediately the police were coming to take me to jail! The third voice mail was actually after I blocked the number on my cell phone. Not sure how they managed that.

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