Richard Armitage Fan A to Z Challenge: A

Guylty has issued another fun fan challenge, in the form of a Fan A to Z. I finally have a few moments to tackle the first letter only, so, here goes…

A. If you added up all the money spent on DVDs, cinema tickets, accommodation, theatre tickets, fan art, audio books etc., how expensive has RA been so far?

BS 2.1 Trevor on Train

Our Richard is definitely an expensive date! I probably started being a fan around 2011, but my early spending was small while I immersed myself in North and South on Netflix and Spooks (MI-5) from the library. My husband supplemented my viewing with a requested gift of the BBC Robin Hood boxed set which again kept me busy for a while. In 2012 I went to see the first film in The Hobbit trilogy only because Armitage was in it. So that was probably the first spending I did myself.

It’s been really educational (and a bit scary, truth be told) to see how my spending has increased over the years. I feel like I should include the gifts, because I could have asked for something else from my family but instead I had them feed my Richard addiction. So, all told, it’s probably a little over $700 CAD so far:

  • Phone CaseHome versions of movies and TV shows: $335
  • Audio materials (books, podcasts, radio plays): $250
  • Cinema excursions (The Hobbit trilogy; The Crucible): $95
  • Phone case at right (Guylty’s fan art through Redbubble): $27

And that’s not including offshoot spending, like fan fiction (Margaret of the North) or book continuations (The Last Kingdom series) or even my WordPress subscription! Most surprising might be the amount I’ve spent on audiobooks and the like. I had never listened to an audiobook before, other than a few with my kids when they were younger, but now I usually have something going in the car, even for short trips.

I also notice that my spending is escalating… 2018 is only half over and yet I’ve already spent $140! If Richard keeps the pace up with audiobooks, I will probably keep spending more and more.

Well, that’s all I have time for now. More to come…

7 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Fan A to Z Challenge: A

  1. Finally getting round to working through all the posts that I haven’t yet commented on 😉
    Haha, yes, RA is an expensive hobby. But only because we are good, law-abiding girls who pay for the content rather than rely on pirated material. I found this question very interesting on a general level for the insights it gives us into the turnover of the entertainment industry with all its subsidiaries (merchandising etc.). Sure, our outlays are not representative or average in the sense that we are concentrating our financial investment on the work of *one* actor. But nonetheless – it still allows a certain insight.

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    • Ah yes, you’re right. That law-abiding thing! Although I have watched some RA on YouTube. For example, “The Impressionists” at $250 new or $100 used is too rich for my blood so in that case the internet was where I went.


        • Thanks! I just may “need” one! I tried a couple which don’t seem to ship to Canada, but it looks like there are some from around $50. Amazon is tricky, though. After a couple of tries it sends me back to the Canada $145 page. You have to really work to get back to the items that ship from US.

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          • This is not a good time for me to be doing any errands, so this is kind of weird offer, but if you get desperate, let me know and I’ll make sure you get one. Like in a few months from now, lol.

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            • Thanks. That’s really nice of you. You never know. I may just take you up on that at some point. I will probably hold off for a while, though. I still haven’t watched Chop a second time and I haven’t seen Sleepwalker yet. I’m sure you have your hands full right now in any case.


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