One Sunny Day on the Weekend

IMG_3112Sorry for the ‘radio silence’! My sister texted me to make sure I was still alive, given that it has been much too long since I’ve posted. I wish it were because I was having way too much fun, but alas, no. Just trying to keep my head above water.

On the weekend, though, I had a few minutes to sit in the sun outside the arena where my son had just played a losing game of ball hockey. It’s in a beautiful park with walking trails, a small lake, and a community centre that was redone for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

IMG_3115I enjoyed relaxing on a wall, reading an ebook of Liz Durano’s Loving Ashe, in preparation for listening to the sequel of Loving Riley, which the sample tells me is narrated in a sexy English accent. I’m not really a reader of romance novels, but I enjoyed this one so much that I finished it over the weekend. The writing is good, with fully developed main and supporting characters, and they have baggage and secrets that we find out over time, as they work on getting their lives together. It’s got both very romantic and steamy scenes, but the latter are not the dominant thrust (pun intended?) of the book. I can’t wait to listen to the sequel!

I hope that I’ll have some time to post more soon. Thanks for reading.


26 thoughts on “One Sunny Day on the Weekend

  1. That looks like a gorgeous park. I wish the weather was better here, with milder temperatures. I long to spend time outside but it is a little too chilly for that.
    Liz Durano – wasn’t she a very active fellow fan at some point?

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  2. Sue the park looks very serene and super lush
    with nice tall trees and beautiful flowers ideal for reading and thinking about a 6’2 Brit!!
    Hope things settle down soon for you and these are wonderful snippets of where you live.
    I’ll have to check that book out that you were reading cuz I love romance novels!!

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        • Thanks. For some reason, at the beginning of the year, he thought that taking a university-level psychology course as one of his credits would be a good idea. He’s found it really interesting, but he is madly trying to get through the backlog of work! Today I was reading some of it with him, ironically about stress and the impact on health!

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  3. That’s even worse!

    IMO the surveys at the beginning of a topic are often a lot harder than the advanced courses as they cover a lot of territory.

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  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed Loving Ashe! I hope you like Loving Riley. It kinda goes dark in some places but I have no regrets… well, except for maybe that slight detour the story took on Wattpad that had readers in an uproar. Fixed now, of course LOL But the narrator’s voice is just divine.

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