The Journey to Here

It’s around a 5-hour drive from Vancouver to Osoyoos, and the scenery changes as we move along the road. Osoyoos is Canada’s only desert, so as we approach the town, you can see the vegetation start to change. In a bit of a contradiction, though, the area in and around Osoyoos is also known for its vineyards and wine.

My husband was doing the driving, which gave me the opportunity to write my previous post from my iPhone and also to take a few pictures along the drive. Unfortunately, when I saw the deer grazing by the side of the road, I didn’t have the phone in hand. So, here we go:


I always say to my husband that I would like to camp along a river… he is not enthused.


Sometimes I’m glad he’s doing the driving.

Just some pretty vistas.

Notice how the trees on the mountains are becoming sparser.

Stormy weather ahead.

This is Spotted Lake, which is sacred to the Syilx/Okanagan People.


We stopped to take pictures and the sage smelled wonderful.


Finally, Osoyoos Lake, partly in cloud and partly sunny.


And at the end of the journey, our home away from home for the week.

17 thoughts on “The Journey to Here

  1. What a gorgeous country you have. That looks amazing. The holiday apartment looks nice and spacious. Perfect spot to relax and have all creature comforts. I hope you still haven’t checked your work e-mails 🙂

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