Why Blog?

For some time now, I’ve been feeling the urge to write.  Off and on throughout my life I have wanted to have a creative outlet – singing, piano, acting, writing – and I did some of that on an amateur basis when I was younger.  However, the demands of real life take over and, while I at least get to write a bit at work, it really is not enough.  If I wanted to do more, how would I begin and what would I write about?

I’ve lurked on some of my favourite Richard Armitage blogs for a while, then subscribed to a few, and then started commenting here and there (sometimes even in rhyme!).  And I really enjoy the sense of community among the interesting and intelligent women who blog and comment and who also enjoy the actor and the peripheral topics that appreciation leads to.  But what if I want to introduce my own topics?  And is just commenting enough for me?  Apparently not, as the urge to write is still here.

I debated with myself as to whether I should blog about Richard Armitage, but frankly there are such good bloggers there already, each with their own unique niche and style.  And really, my lack of savviness on social media and my laziness about dedicated research would make that too much of a chore!

So, why would I start a blog when I am heading into my busiest time of year at work?  Maybe for exactly  that reason.  Will this be just the bit of distraction and creative outlet I need?  Something I do for myself?  I hope so and as I write this I am excited about the possibilities.

What I most want to share are feelings and impressions about books, music, TV, movies, and sundry other subjects that take my fancy (or that don’t!).  While some of those subjects may intersect with Armitage Appreciation (I’ve already mentioned his name 3 times in this inaugural post!), for sure many subjects will not. I read and watch and listen to a lot of different things and I hope that we can share some of these together.


16 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Yay – welcome to the blogging world, Sue. The “follow” button will be pushed as soon as I have sent off this comment. But first congratulations on your new blog. You’ll see, blogging is great. Annoying. Distracting (big time!). And really opens your mind to look at everything around you more intensely and with a different appreciation. Because everything may be a topic to launch into on your blog.
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts. (And I won’t complain if they refer to our shared “interest” *coughs* more than three times per post 😉
    Have fun, enjoy – and if you have any questions re. using WordPress, you know whom to ask. xx


  2. Welcome to WordPress, SueBC! Really looking forward to following along on your blogging journey, wherever that may take us… Richard, no Richard, or now and again Richard. =)


  3. Welcome to blogging! Your first post could’ve been my first post… want to write… enough other great Armitage blogs… lazy researcher… want to write about other stuff… fit it in around real life, family and work (or looking for new work as I am doing now). My follow is coming right up! 😊


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