Why the Blog Name?

In my first post, I mentioned that on this blog I plan to share feelings and impressions about books, music, TV, movies, and sundry other subjects that take my fancy (or that don’t!).  The name, “I’m Feeling This,” describes what I want to write about – feelings and thoughts about what’s made an impression on me from my reading, watching, and listening.

I’d been tossing around lots of ideas for blog names, but every time I found one I thought would suit, it was already in use!  Great minds think alike?  (I won’t complete that quote for fear of self-deprecation!)

Finally, I took inspiration for the name from an unlikely source – a pop punk song!  (Actually, this sort of thing is not really that unusual for me.  Younger Son’s name was inspired by a cartoon character as Older Son and I watched TV one day.  Thank goodness Younger Son is much better-looking than the cartoon character!)

Older Son introduced me to Blink-182 a number of years ago and now Younger Son is a fan.  The band incorporates a lot of (juvenile) humour into their songs and just generally has fun with them.  They are a trio (guitar, bass, and drums), with two very different voices singing lead.

Blink-182’s 2003 song, “Feeling This”, is about feeling something strongly in the moment – although in the case of the song, it’s specifically about relationships and sex.  The song has a distinct contrast between singers Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus, with the former punkier voice singing about the urgency of the moment and the latter more melodic voice singing about a failed relationship.  It is said that they each wrote their pieces of the song in separate rooms and then put them together into a contrasting but cohesive whole.  Here is the official video (advisory for explicit language and some sexual content):

In the fall of 2016, I went with Younger Son and Hubby to see the revamped Blink-182 (Matt Skiba has taken over Tom DeLonge’s singing parts) in concert.  They were joined by two other pop punk bands, The All-American Rejects and A Day to Remember.  The night was a lot of fun, with audience age ranging from preteen to boomer, and everyone sang along loudly and also thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  I found it noteworthy that even in this punk crowd, the stereotypical Canadian politeness was fully in evidence, with everyone being courteous and saying “Excuse me” as they passed in front of others’ seats.

For an alternate version of “Feeling This”, done by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, a musical comedy act whose specialty is turning punk and rock songs seamlessly into Sinatra-style lounge music, check this out!

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