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I’ve got a few posts I’d like to write, but somehow no energy for anything too in-depth. I just got home after being at work for 13 hours, which is kind of par for the course right now. Sigh. Anyway… A bunch of bloggers are answering these questions about reading, so I thought I’d chime in. If you’re interested in reading their posts too, check out:


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And feel free to join in!

Do you have a specific place to read at home?

Armchair by the FireplaceIn the summer, I like to sit on the back patio with a glass of wine. As soon as the weather turns cold, though, my favourite reading spot is the armchair by the gas fireplace, where I sit with my legs curled under me.

Bookmark or any old piece of paper?

Every time I get a new bookmark I’m sure I’m going to use it. But in reality, I don’t even manage to use an old piece of paper. Instead I just flip through until I find where I left off.

Can you stop reading anywhere in a book?

Well, if it’s good or exciting I’d rather keep going as long as possible, but I usually finish a chapter before I stop, if time permits.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

All the time. My favourite thing is eating alone in a restaurant and reading. Of course, sometimes the books get a splash or two, but that’s the price I pay. That’s partly why I like to buy my own books, rather than leave a book I don’t own in less than pristine condition. I have really fond memories, too, of reading my book even at the dinner table when I was a teenager. My parents didn’t seem to mind.

Multi-tasking: Music or television while you read?

I prefer to just get lost in my own world without music or television, but sometimes that’s not possible. When my husband and I were first married, we used to sit together in the living room. I would read while he would play video games and I didn’t find it too distracting. He’s a reader, too, but for most of our married life I’ve had more books on the go than he’s had. (And I’m definitely not a video game player!)

One book, or several at the same time?

Years ago, it was only one. Now, though, my attention span seems to be much shorter and I switch between books. Plus there are so many choices of format. So, usually, I have a paper-based book on the go, plus an electronic book and/or fanfiction on my phone, plus an audiobook in the car. I like to read on my phone in bed, with night mode on, while my husband sleeps beside me.

Reading out loud or quietly in your head?

Quietly in my head. Funny how all the voices sound like me!

Do you skip passages from a book or even pages?

Not usually, although I’m less of a rule-follower about this now that I’m older. I really don’t like a lot of description of scenery, preferring dialogue, so sometimes I’ll skip over those boring bits. Loving dialogue is why I used to read a lot of plays when I was a teenager.

Break the binding or leave it so it looks as much as possible like new?

If the book belongs to someone else, I’ll try not to bend the binding. But if it’s my own, I don’t worry about it. It’s pretty hard to read a paperback one-handed if you have to worry about the binding.

Do you write in your books?

Never. I think that this rule must have been drilled into me by my parents and the librarians when I was a kid. Even in school, I was much more likely to take notes on separate paper than to write in a book.

Well, that was fun! Join in if you want, whether in the comments or on a blog. Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “Questions about Reading

  1. I can relate to several answers of yours, and I don’t even know why but that amazes me. I can flip through a book to find where I left off, that doesn’t bother me too much. I especially relate to the reading only one book before but now having a shorter attention span, and switching between books. I can’t seem to focus on just one book nowadays! Last would probably be reading quietly in my head. Although I do sometimes tend to have some pretty vocal reactions while reading, and my family probably thought I was a bit crazy at some point (I mean, I’d be reading something on our PC and suddenly I’d laugh like there’s no tomorrow, so I can’t really blame them).

    This was fun to read! Glad I came across your blog. 🙂

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    • Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed the post. I’m not particularly vocal when I’m reading, but then I also rarely laugh out loud at movies, even. My husband, though, is always chuckling over whatever he’s reading.

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  2. Sue,
    So I’m gonna start with the visual that you supplied. That is a gorgeous fireplace! That scene looks like it is from Architectural Digest or whatever the Canadian equivalent is. I got some decorating tips just staring at it. I love the color of that chair and it is so pristine. I love the stacks of cds, looks like records (my dad has a huge record collection) and DVDs maybe?
    So I haven’t been all that diligent about reading. I’m hoping to remedy that soon. I read either in bed which is hard with the dogs wanting to recline on my lap or across my legs. The little one is usually curled in my arm. Or I read in the basement (lower level) where I eat and watch TV. I drink wine also while I read pretending I’m at some ultra swanky hotel in the Mediterranean or Italy with a hunky chunky #bearditage beau beside me also reading (hmmmm wishful thinking!!!) I read silently. I don’t read open mouthed silently, I like the words to rumble around my brain and gestate for awhile. I can’t have anything on while reading or I’ll A.D.D. and watch the television. The exception is my Iphone which I’m constantly perusing looking for intel (hmmm) while watching movies (ie The Post last Saturday night). I don’t skip passages because I think I would miss the meaning of something and the writer put dialogue and scenes in the book for a reason. I read one at a time now. I used to multi book read but then my mind would get jumbled which character belonged to which book? If its my book I will dogtail the pages where I stopped or use anything for a bookmarker. I’m not smart enough to remember where I left off. I don’t write in a book, I think that is taboo for me esp if I lend it out or if it were a library book. My thoughts may not be someone else’s so I keep it to myself or like you jot down an idea on a piece of paper.

    As an aside: I think that your hubby would engage in video games while you were reading is so funny and endearing.
    Did you finish The Trespasser? If so can you write a review?

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    • Thanks! We like it. Actually, though, there’s a lot of 90’s decor that we can’t change without a big remodel. So the marble is streaked pink with gold accents and there are pink laminated cabinets in the front room (pictured) as well as the kitchen. It’s a sunken living room which I really like and there is a window seat too, which I had a long cushion made for (the dog likes to curl up there). The furniture is really comfortable and I have the same furniture throughout the three leisure-type rooms. It’s semi-open, so you can see right through to the back of the house — two armchairs, three couches (one a pull-out), and a love seat. When I like something I don’t need to look for anything else! Kind of like my Richard obsession!

      Following blogs and having my iPhone have really changed reading for me. Like right now I’m at lunch. In the past I would have been reading a book, but instead I’m doing blog stuff. Fun, still, but partly why I don’t read as much. Dreaming of being in a fancy hotel overseas sounds like fun!

      I did finish The Trespasser, which was good, but somehow reviews take a lot more thought, time, and energy than I seem to have right now. I know I should update my Goodreads, but it’s low on the priority list right now.

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  3. You read and Audio much more than I do. I should read more to be able to blog more and keep up with everyone’s knowledge esp the books that Richard does Audio for. Movies and music and tv shows I can hold my own but I don’t really like what that says about me. Oh theatre I can hold my own somewhat so that helps. I wish I had a corner window that my little pup can curl up in but the big dog thinks he’s 10 pounds and my middle pup Max sleeps in the last remaining doggie bed (the Labradoodle destroyed the other doggie beds during his terrible 1 and 2’s). For me with three active doggies it’s not practical to have beautiful furniture. Maybe one day and I did have an awesome dream with our dreamboy but we were skiing (I have never skied) and he was teaching me how…. somewhere in the Swiss Alps..

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    • My dog is up on everything. We tried keeping him off when we first got it, but those sad doggie eyes made us give in. We even have to flop the throw cushions over so he has a more comfy space to sleep! You can keep any skiing dreams — too cold!

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      • Ah, I love that you pamper your dog like that. Eddie the Labradoodle will throw the pillow on the floor in the bedroom and stare at me. I know he wants attention and when I tell him “No!” he’s like the nieces shakes his head from side to side and doesn’t like the word.

        I love cold weather!! I mean when I went to Montreal in Mid-March it was really cold but I love the whole winter sweater look, scarves, hats, gloves, boots. I’ve never skied in my life but the Swiss Alps are breath taking and in the dream he’s “warming” me up by the fireplace as we are reading paperback books. thump thump thump…

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