Vacation: Here I Come!

Leaving this (temps are Celsius of course):

For this:

Didn’t leave by 10 o’clock like we’d hoped, more like noon, but we should be at the beach by dinner time.

I worked late last night again, trying to get it all done before I left, but in the end I figured that since I’m not a brain surgeon who’s left a patient on the table, it’s not really life or death if I don’t finish. They’ll just have to deal.

I’ve told my boss and the others that I’m not going to check email at all — I need a true mental break before I have a mental breakdown. Surprising that I would have to say that, but when she was away in Europe for three weeks, she was in daily contact. She asked me what it meant to leave someone “acting”. I explained that they make decisions on your behalf when you’re away. She said, “Oh! I could never do that!” Yeah?

Well, I can!

27 thoughts on “Vacation: Here I Come!

  1. Good for you for not checking mail while you’re gone. Your boss is setting herself up for a nervous breakdown sooner or later but I’m glad you’re not going to let her do it to you! Have a great time away!

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  2. Have a great vacation and yes, excellent choice to not check e-mails! It’s why I always keep a separate work phone now, so that I can leave it at home and won’t be tempted. 🙂
    How long is your break? I hope you can really re-charge.

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    • Thanks. This is why I don’t let work pay for my phone. It’s my personal phone and I am one of the few people at work who doesn’t have email on my phone. When I’m replying to emails, I actually have turned my laptop on and signed in remotely to my emails. And I ain’t signing in while I’m here!
      The break is just a week, but it’ll be great. No schedule or responsibilities.

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  3. Bonnes vacances! Couper avec le travail est devenu un luxe aujourd’hui, profitez en!
    Exceptionnellement en sous effectif cette année, devant ma détresse, l’une de mes employées m’a proposé de lui téléphoner si j’avais un problème, durant ses vacances. Une telle proposition, m’a tellement surprise que je pense ne pas y avoir recours. Ma fierté sera de me débrouiller seule avec un programme informatique obtus… Nous avons les employés, les patrons que nous méritons.

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    • It’s become expected in my office to work on vacation. Sometimes I do, but then I usually ask for the days back. We even see people actually working in the office when they are on vacation! Nice of your employee to offer to be contacted, though. I’m sure he/she sincerely means it though, in case you are really stuck. My office does have my cell phone, but it would really have to be an emergency before they contact me.


  4. Oh, I missed this post. (Was only alerted to it when I read your 8 July post that mentioned you had written this post on your journey.) Good for you – you are absolutely right to insist you are not checking your work mail during your holiday. Enjoy them – get away from it all. You’ve earned that.

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