Ahh… Vacation

Hello, everyone. First of all, apologies for my absence… I have not even been able to manage more than a cursory glance at any blogs over the last several weeks. I have a situation at work that feels like “death by a thousand cuts”. I am the point person in the middle of something, which means that any of the angry participants get to direct their anger at me. Not at me personally, but even though it is only as the messenger and mainly by email, it still impacts me emotionally. My boss is much better at compartmentalizing than I am, but at least she is there to support me. It’s also meant long hours seven days per week, only stopping to eat and sleep. Thank goodness for the “long-suffering husband”, who has kept everything going on the home front.

We arrived at our annual home-province beach getaway in Osoyoos on Saturday evening, after a journey partially pictured above. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, as our old dog has not been very well, with his heart condition and worsening bladder stones. While surgery has been postponed for now, the vet did suggest that putting him in a kennel was not a good idea and so we had to ask my older son to come and stay, leaving behind his air conditioning and his short commute to work. That settled, we cleaned the house and were a couple of hours away from leaving when we noticed a huge puddle of water on the floor of the laundry room, which apparently had come all the way from the master bathroom shower upstairs. Looks like a pipe has sprung a leak and given the distance the water travelled, it might be an expensive fix. Luckily, we determined it was limited to the master shower and so just directed my son to use a different shower during his stay.

The first night sunset was spectacular. Beautiful, but possibly partly due to the smoke particles in the air from the large number of wildfires in the province already. It’s very early in the season, but the recovery from the extremely hot temperatures has caused lightening strikes, and the hot, dry conditions have made anything human-caused hard to control. There are over 200 active wildfires in the province right now, with 750 so far this year. The number of hectares of land that have burned to date is already more than burned in all of 2019 and 2020 combined and more than three times the 10-year average for early July. Sunday and Monday we could smell a bit of smoke, but it cleared up yesterday. Today has been heavy rain, which will help the situation. (I don’t mind too much… still on vacation and doing vacation-type things.)

Sunday we discovered that we had forgotten all of our beach chairs and beach umbrella, and so we headed into town to rectify the situation (before I had to work for the rest of the day on my horribleness at work, with Trevor Belmont distracting me with his antics).

As we left the hotel, we noticed fire, police, and ambulance just to the right of the hotel. They were putting a guy onto a stretcher around 30 feet past the marked pedestrian crosswalk. Seemed like the story was that the guy and his girlfriend ran across in the middle of the road and were hit by a grey pick-up truck, which was severely dented. Police stayed for around 4 1/2 hours mapping out the accident. Afterwards, we read in the news that the guy and his girlfriend were actually in the crosswalk and the guy was hit so hard that he was thrown 30 feet! He was airlifted to hospital (we’re in a very small town) and apparently is doing okay. Last night we heard that in fact he saw the truck coming and managed to push his girlfriend out of the way before getting hit himself. Heroic, but a terrible end to their vacation.

Strangely, in this small town where nothing ever happens, there was also a non-fatal stabbing, a fatal drowning, and a small plane crash where everyone walked away, all in the last week!

Sunday night was rounded out by a wonderful steak dinner in our suite (we have a barbecue on the balcony and a stove inside for the corn-on-the-cob and mushrooms and onions).

Monday, was our first winery day, with lunch at Tinhorn Creek, a favourite view spot (view as pictured above) with some great food (pictured below). They convinced us that the only salad option, the baby kale Caesar salad, was “tender like lettuce”. Hmm. Not quite. My husband referred to it as the Nietzsche Salad, as in, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” I concur.

We followed this with a visit to another favourite winery, Stoneboat, where somehow they convinced us to become wine club members! Commitment of 3 shipments of 6 bottles over the year, but it got us 10% off merchandise and free shipping of our day’s wine purchases. I took advantage of the 10% off and bought a T-shirt that says, “Pass the pinot”, just in case anyone ever wonders what I would like!

And then finally, Indian food at our favourite family-owned restaurant in Osoyoos, Ambrosia, where we had homemade iced chai lattes and local beer.

Tuesday, was a day in the sun. Very relaxing. A quote in the beach book I was reading (How Lulu Lost Her Mind by Rachel Gibson) summed it up perfectly: “There is a stillness…, a quiet that allows my heart to beat without worry and calms my mind. My head is clearer and I can think about moving forward.” The temperature was around 35 degrees Celsius (95 F), but a dry heat alleviated with quick dips in the lake as necessary. Trevor had a good time too, sunning himself on the towel! As did the little dog on the skim board! The day before, at Tinhorn Creek, I bought this fabulous water bottle. It keeps the water icy cold even in 35-degree heat, is dishwasher safe, and the colours just make me happy!

Today we are off out to another winery, where after our tasting, I’m sure we will spend far too much money on wine, once again!

11 thoughts on “Ahh… Vacation

  1. You really deserve(d) this holiday, with all that work stress going on. It really looks wonderful from your photos, and you are so lucky that you can enjoy a holiday like that, beach and all, without having to leave your country…

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  2. I’m glad you’re having some time to unwind on holiday, you more than deserve it after those mad hours at your job.
    It all looks so very beautiful! It makes we want to travel across Canada even more than I already do.
    And yes, wine is always a good idea. 🙂

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    • Thank you. Canada has a lot to see. I’ve never travelled to the east coast, which is something I would love to do some day. This is wine country and there are a lot of great wines to choose from. Nice to sample them.

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  3. I had just been about to be in touch privately to see if you were okay when the push message for this post popped up. Well, with that number of problems, accidents and forgotten stuff I am impressed at your persistence! (And I totally understand why you’d want a lot of wine while you were there and when you got back).

    re: uncooked kale — it can be tender, but only if you remove the stems, cut it up into smaller pieces and massage it (literally) with some kind of oil and salt. “Massaged kale salad” was a trend item in the US a few years ago. OTOH I imagine with the weather lately that they’re struggling to keep their lettuce from sizzling in the beds.

    re: Ambrosia — not sure I’ve ever seen a restaurant that has liver and onions AND navratan curry on the same menu. LOL. But you got me to order some take out samosa chaat for dinner.

    I hope it continues to go well / you continue to keep your eyes on the prize. And that you don’t have to spend too much time with your email.

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    • Thanks for thinking of me. Work in particular has been pretty bad. Included in the horribleness was finding out some stuff someone had said about me that really felt like a betrayal, as this was a person I gave an opportunity to and thought was my friend. Really blindsided me.

      But we do book our vacation rental a year in advance (otherwise you can’t get anything), so we are pretty much committed. Also, frankly, this one-week getaway is essential for us to recharge. Thank goodness they opened up travel within the province a few weeks before.

      I guarantee that this kale was not massaged. I would also not characterize it as “baby”, and there were definitely thick stems. You may be right on the lettuce… and the fruit that this region is known for may have the same fate, particularly as they cannot get pickers due to travel bans.

      Ambrosia is great. It is run by an Indian family — the daughter runs the front and the mother runs the kitchen. Very small, with probably only two other staff. They say their business is probably half Indian dishes and half western food. We’ve done a meal of each. And then Saturday we will go in for our traditional big breakfast for the road.

      I’m enjoying sleeping and reading. As for email, I warn everyone before I leave that I will not turn on my emails for the week. So I have not looked at them since Sunday evening. A few select people can reach me by text if necessary, and they have. That unfortunately gets me thinking of the whole situation again, but it was necessary and at least brief.

      Today is our last full day here, and it is gorgeous and sunny. Planning some beach-sitting and reading.


  4. I totally endorse your decision to stay off email (even if it means going back will be a challenge). The quasi-betrayal revelation is really harsh. I hope you’re not going to have to make nice with that person when you get back. On more pleasant topics: What are you reading? And when are you starting your Canadian wine blog (j/k)? I hope it’s been a good day.

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    • I will have to make nice … and I doubt the person even realizes I know what’s been said. Luckily, the person was away for a month when I found out and won’t be back for another week. But it’s a dilemma, for sure.

      As for reading, I really enjoy reading well-written women’s fiction when I’m on vacation. My favourite is Jennifer Weiner. She just writes women, their lives, their friendships, and their sexuality so well.

      It’s just before noon here. I’ve just been enjoying coffee and reading before we go down to the beach.

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