$2.23 CAD per litre of regular gas. Or, for my US friends, $6.49 USD per US gallon of regular gas.

Good thing I drive a hybrid and work at home a fair bit.

ETA: It hit a new high of $2.34 CAD per litre this week! ($6.92 USD per US gallon). It’s coming down a bit again now, but still!

11 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. It’s $4.09/gallon here, but our prices are typically well below the US average. However, as a German friend remarked to me last week, now you’re just paying what a German normally pays for gas. I’m in this weird position as of last week where the state is paying for most of my gas, but it’s concerning insofar as the project I’m working on will do less outreach because we won’t be able to drive so far.

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    • Yeah I didn’t realize gas prices are typically so much higher in Europe. BC is higher than say Ontario because of environmental taxes including taxes to support public transit.

      It will definitely affect lots of services. My organization is in a good position right now and is able to increase the amount we reimburse our outreach staff even beyond what our funders will let us claim.


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