New Messaging to Colleagues

I really like a lot of what Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, has to say. (And when I don’t, I ignore it.😀) I have so many demands on my time at work that I am always behind. I semi-seriously considered changing my standard email footer to “Sorry this is so late”!

This little bit of advice below immediately changed how I approach my responses — and how guilty I feel!

12 thoughts on “New Messaging to Colleagues

  1. I’ve successfully practiced turning off email at 5 on Friday and not turning it on again till Monday for two weeks now. Of course, I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. But he’s absolutely right and I like the suggestion for how to deal with it.

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    • I am really glad that most of my colleagues do turn off email on the weekend! Terrible to say, but that gives me time to catch up, uninterrupted. I’m glad you are able to have your weekends. That is a big goal of mine.

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  2. Pourquoi courir pour rattraper un emploi du temps dont le contrĂŽle nous Ă©chappe continuellement ou nous a Ă©chappĂ© depuis bien longtemps? La course effrĂ©nĂ©e contre le temps perdu est condamnĂ©e Ă  l’Ă©chec et nous laisse continuellement dans l’insatisfaction , voire la colĂšre contre soi-mĂȘme.
    Le choix de la cadence adoptĂ©e, (c’est Ă  dire suivre ou ne pas suivre la dictature de l’immĂ©diatetĂ©, du tout tout de suite), est en partie de notre propre volontĂ©. Les mĂ©dias sociaux induisent des travers qu’il nous faut combattre.
    Que faisions nous Ă  13 ans en 1973? Je me souviens marcher 20 minutes pour me rendre Ă  l’Ă©cole, passer un aprĂšs-midi Ă  vĂ©lo dans la campagne, lire sous un arbre, exĂ©cuter une tĂąche en y mĂȘlant une rĂ©flexion tranquille … Le rythme actuel n’est qu’une demande des donneurs d’ordre pour mieux nous exploiter. L’Ă©puisement nous guette.
    Ce sujet est mon cheval de bataille depuis la crise du Covid. Je travaille toujours sur de nouveaux articles.
    Bonne lecture, si vous avez un peu de temps libre ou si le coeur vous en dit.
    “Trying to find a zen balance through Japanese customs”:

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    • Unfortunately, I could only choose to gain control over my time by quitting my job and/or retiring altogether. They pay me too well and the money is something we rely on, especially with one son still at home trying to find his way. At least there is flexibility now to work at home when I wish and vary my hours a bit. And perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel as we change our staffing structure.

      I didn’t get to experience that pandemic lull. Work continued and even became more hectic with being responsible for health and safety.

      Thanks for providing the links. Interesting. I wish it were possible to access your blog though the WordPress reader.

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        • I think the issue with blogs these days is how people know you’ve updated. Right now your son has RSS installed (which I am grateful for, as it means that I read it sooner or later, when the posts make it to the top of my feed). But there are a lot of other ways to “push” a new post — WP Reader is one, another is an email widget that sends a mail every time a new post is published, and WP also has the capacity to distribute simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media services.

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