Back in My Happy Place

After an especially intense period at work, we finally made our annual trek to the beach in Osoyoos, BC. Same beach, same hotel, same unit. Boring? Well, my older son thinks so and doesn’t come anymore, but the rest of us find the sameness relaxing. Both my husband and I still had to do a bit of work when we got here, but I think we’re both done now. My younger son, who is working in his first job, on a short-term contract in a motion-capture studio, was able to get the time off and come with us.

We haven’t really had the usual high temperatures (which maybe is good) and the first couple of days were rainy, but we have still been enjoying the down time. On Monday, my son and I drove an hour to get to a really nice indoor pool and hot tub — and almost got caught in some flooding on the highway that got heavier just as we were coming up to it! We made a u-turn and managed to find a way around it! A bit scary, but still worth the drive.

As always, the view from the balcony and on the beach is amazing, regardless of the weather. I’m catching up on some reading, eating good food, and drinking good wine. Tomorrow, we’ll go to some of the local wineries for lunch and tastings and, I’m sure, purchases. Looking forward to it!

9 thoughts on “Back in My Happy Place

  1. So glad that you are able to relax. Just got back from my 45th high school reunion in BC. I really do miss it out there and hope to eventually buy a retirement home in the Vancouver area. 30 plus years in Ontario is enough. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and if you get a chance check out Orofino winery. One of my favorite.

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    • 45th! Amazing how the time passes, isn’t it? Probably will only go winery tasting towards Oliver, but thanks for the tip. Give me a shout next time you’re back in Vancouver!


    • Thanks! Yes, after the paid work placement through the job readiness program, they offered him a 3-month contract learning a different role in the company. Very cool.


        • I would think that would be rewarding work. This particular program was supposed to be focused on finding work in the hospitality industry, which my son was not really that interested in. But these people really took the time to find out what would be a good fit and set it up for him. The employer has just told him that they will extend the contract again. Not sure yet for how long, but it is really great.


          • I don’t know if you guys have the severe labor shortages we’re experiencing — but I work specifically in a program that is supposed to find individualized solutions for people who have “conditions for work” (used to be called “barriers to employment”). Workforce development experts are realizing that they are going to have a hard time putting even small cohorts together for particular training programs, and also that outcomes are better when people are working at something they want to be doing (as opposed to just a job they could get).

            This is great about your son and it’s always easier to get nother job after you’ve had one (as I am sure you know)!


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