Getting Ready for Take-off

My bags are checked, including my cute little RAdically designed make-up bag, handmade by Guylty. (Which reminds me… I need to replace my phone case in the black design, which finally cracked after many phone-saves from dropping it.)

I’m off to Ontario for a combined trip of family visits and a full-week in-residence course for work. The latter promises to twist my brain into a pretzel-shape from 8 am to 10 pm for 5 days, as I navigate an intensive case-study approach to leadership training. It’s been so many years since university and my professional training that I’m a little nervous, especially as I look at the thick sheaf of papers that I am supposed to read and analyze before the course, being prepared to defend my positions.

On the other hand, the accommodations look phenomenal and all meals are provided. Not only that, but this is the first time I can remember since probably before I was married that I’ve flown anywhere by myself or stayed somewhere alone! I am so looking forward to only being responsible for myself and to having some alone-time (even if I’ve also brought work with me). I won’t have to wake anyone else up or get them to school, I won’t have to cook (well, maybe a meal when I’m staying with family), and I won’t even have to drive for two weeks! I’m excited!

I should mention that the airline/airport system, as well as the Vancouver passenger agents and security personnel, all work together really efficiently. From scanning my mobile pre-boarding document to making it through security, it only took 15 minutes! And that was with a “random” scan of my body with the wand. Pretty thorough. I was actually happy that they decided to check me, because a few minutes earlier, I had observed a “random” search of two young men who looked to be of Middle-Eastern descent. I had been thinking that it wasn’t so random, so scanning me restored my faith in humanity, to some extent.

Okay, now that I’ve talked about how efficient the airport is, there is apparently a one-hour delay! Lol. It’s a good thing, though, as they are changing planes due to some issue with the originally scheduled plane. Also, it just shows how starved of free time I am that I’m happy to have an hour to blog!

Yesterday evening my team had a night out for fun and team-building. Given that the ankle I sprained in May still hasn’t healed, it may have been a mistake to bowl two games, since it hurt as I took my luggage and carry-on bags through the airport. But it was fun, and the meal afterwards at a local golf course was good. From where I was sitting, though, the sign ahead of me seemed like a personal comment!

(I think it really said “EAT”, but apparently I’m a little sensitive… 😂)

I think I’ll take it as I sign that I should “eat” and enjoy the trip, rather than the message I first read!

I’ve bought a new book by a favourite author of mine, Kate Morton, called The Clockmaker’s Daughter, that I hope to dive into. I’m also prepared with a download of Richard Armitage reading the Hamlet adaptation by Hartley and Hewson, which I understand is really a good listen. And maybe I’ll even have time for a movie or two! Hmm… puts me in mind of a song…

26 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Take-off

  1. First have a wonderful trip and a great visit with family. Second, take some pics on your trip. They are always unique and thought provoking and effervescent in color and texture and story.. Third, I hope you enjoy Hamlet and write a review b/c I love your reviews. Ditto on catching a movie (Star Is Born I recommend) Fourth, eat, drink enjoy your alone time although I’m sure hubby, sons and doggy will miss you terribly. Where are you going in Ontario?
    Have a safe flight!!

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  2. Oh my, that course sounds intense. Nevertheless, a little away time will be nice, I bet. Enjoy yourself!!
    LOL on the sign. I absolutely take it as a sign for you to relax, enjoy all those meals cooked by not!you and have fun with Mr. A’s Hamlet. It’s fabulous–even though I can’t seem to find time to finally finihs.

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  3. Happy travels, Sue. Sounds like a great trip – even despite the intense course schedule. It’s great to get the brain challenged every once in a while.
    And I am sooo with you on travelling on your own, providing alone-time. That was one part of my London business trips that I truly cherished. I didn’t mind staying in hotels on my own. Not only did my work book me into fantastic hotels, but just the escapism of having a plush hotel room to myself, watching TV in bed for as long as I wanted, ordering breakfast in bed, or simply just sitting in the hotel lounge in the evening with my book or laptop – fabulous! Have a great time!

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  4. SueBC you are lucky to get through security so quickly. I find YVR to be one of the slowest and most particular of any airport that I have used in the past 5 years.

    Enjoy your two week ‘change of scenery’

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    • Thanks, Rob. The flight was actually really delayed. There was a problem with the plane and so they had us move to another gate for a new plane. Then there was a snowstorm in Toronto, so we were in a holding pattern for a while. I feel for the people who missed their connecting flights. Some people were having to wait three days to get another one! And one person was having to wait a day for a flight and would actually have to fly back to Vancouver to get her flight from there!


    • Thanks! It is really great to just be responsible for oneself and live in one’s own thoughts. I’m glad you’ve had an opportunity for that too.

      Of course, starting at 4 p.m. today, I have an introvert’s worst nightmare. 14 hours per day of interaction and networking. The learning should be a great experience, though.

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