Hoping a Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

With little time to write (I should be reading more of my course material), I thought I’d share a few pictures from my train journey and my home away from home for the week.

The start of the journey:


Toronto’s Union Station

The train ride through the winter landscape:

My study area:

Let’s not forget the food:

I’ve been eating my meals with Richard Armitage — well, RA reading the Hamlet adaptation by Hartley and Hewson — which makes the tasty food go down just a little bit better!

Speaking of which… Time for lunch!

26 thoughts on “Hoping a Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

  1. Sue, a technical question: the pics are from your IPhone? They are soooo good esp the cloud pics. I love cloud pics. I have some framed in my house from various travels. Breakfast looked yummy w eggs, bacon pancakes! My kind of breakfast !! The hotel room looks cozy but the lighting looks a bit dim? Is the seminar next door or adjacent to the hotel? Those hours you mentioned seem very long! Are these seminar participants from all over BC and Ontario? I’m excited for you although as an introvert I’d be very nervous 😬 but you seem down to earth and a people person so you’ll be fine. I’m sure you are missed a lot on the home front 😘

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    • Yes, from my iPhone 6s. It’s pretty good for landscape; not so much for close-ups. The clouds were really cool looking yesterday. I’m in a facility that is both education and accommodations. Very nice and older. The lighting is fairly dim, but okay as long as you’re reading right under it. And it’s cozy. The participants are from across Canada. I’m gearing myself up to go and spend all that time with people I don’t know. Wish me luck.

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