Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: R to U

Back from my trip to Ontario — and of course it’s raining here, as it tends to do in Vancouver. I was missing the mountains, but I still can’t see them through the overcast sky! On the plane to Toronto, I took advantage of the free movies and re-watched Ocean’s 8, enjoying it once again even though it was on a very small screen. My  glimpse of the sunset through the plane’s window was almost as nice as the view on the screen. 🙂

Yesterday was my first day back at work and apparently my time away didn’t change my reality — I put in a 13-hour workday to make a deadline. Sigh. At least tonight I have a bit of time to go back to the Fan A to Z challenge for a few more letters… Guylty, do you think we’ll be finished before the calendar year is out? One can only try. (Continued from here.)

R – OTP’s – What is your favourite pairing of RA’s past work?

This is a tough one, because I don’t think he has ever really been given his “one true pairing”. There is almost always something missing. Carol never can love John enough in Sparkhouse; Marian is stirred by Guy but doesn’t love him in Robin Hood; Esther can’t be fully trusted in Berlin Station; Greta is a doomed drug addict in Urban and the Shed Crew; and so on. Despite being less than 100% thrilled with the actress’s performance in North and South, I think I will have to go with Margaret and John as my OTP. Their subtly growing regard for each other culminating in the interaction and kiss at the train station are very satisfying romantically, even if that scandalous kiss would never have happened in that day and age. I feel like they have a chance at a lasting marriage, if she can just win over his mother.

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S – Which actor would you like to see him paired with in the future?

rosamund pike

IMDb – Photo © 2017 Andrew Toth – Image courtesy

I’d like to see RA in something on BBC. I’m not really familiar enough with all the female BBC actors, but I’d like to see him have a chance at an onscreen relationship with someone around his own age in a well-written drama.

If I thought he had a chance to get a leading role with an A-lister, I would suggest English actress Rosamund Pike. I like that she looks real and doesn’t try to hide the crinkles around her eyes. She’s smart, well-spoken, and an excellent actor, and to me she would be a good on-screen match for RA.

T – What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?

This is the only fandom that I have ever been part of. I’ve certainly been a fan of actors and singers before, but I haven’t been involved in any fangirling community. So, the first thing I contributed would be comments on other blogs and then this blog itself. While I blog about other things too, fangirling Richard Armitage was the impetus for my foray into the blogosphere.

U – Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, and if so, what?

Well, I’ve thrown a few little poems into the comments on others’ blogs, but maybe one of my April Fools posts would best fit the bill. In early 2017, there had been a lot of speculation that Richard Armitage might team up with Yaël Farber on her planned adaptation, Oedipus to Antigone, so I thought it would be fun to re-imagine it as a Broadway musical with Dawn French and Chloë Grace Moretz! To date, I’m thrilled that that post has received over 615 views, thanks in large part to a shout out from Servetus.

Challenge almost completed… just 5 more letters to go!

16 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: R to U

  1. It *would* be a great musical! 🙂
    Have to disagree about Rosamund Pike, though. I’ve seen her in two things and thought she dragged both of them down (the Marie Colvin biopic this fall and 7 Days in Entebbe earlier this year). The Colvin biopic was particularly disappointing — it was like she was trying to ape Candice Bergen playing Murphy Brown.

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    • Interesting. I thought Pike was really good in Gone Girl. The only other things I think I’ve seen her in have been period dramas where she uses her natural English accent — Pride & Prejudice and Wives & Daughters. I was thinking of her because I recently listened to her narration of Sense & Sensibility, which was exceptionally good. Maybe they should just narrate a book together! Lol.

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  2. Yay, a new A to Z!! I‘m gonna finish mine about 18 month after everyone is done with theirs and will have to change the name to 2018ff. A to Z by that point.
    Thanks for the April Fools throwback. It’s especially nice for someone as late to the party as myself to see some stuff that happened before. That musical post was hilarious. Well done. I’d buy tickets to that. 🎫

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  3. Sue first hope your trip was successful all the way around. Second love the view from the cabin window wish my pics turned out like that.
    The pairing: I like Rosamund Pike she’s done a lot since Pride and Prejudice (07) but I think Richard would pair great with Cate Blanchett
    She’s got a wonderful personality close to his age hates SM (hopefully to convince him to stop tweeting) and acting wise will bring her A game.
    I think your reviews also are a great contribution as well as your keen observations
    So maybe more of those! The family I’m sure are happy you are home!!

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    • Thanks, Michele. I had to take that photo from two seats over, trying not to annoy my seat mates! I’m sure Richard would love to pair with Cate, but I don’t think he has much chance of that, unfortunately. Ah well. Yeah, I wish I had time and brain power left after work and family obligations to write reviews, but thanks for the kind words. Today it’s laundry, work at the office for a few hours while my son works on homework, drive to hockey and then to a team-building event for the team, and then more laundry.


  4. LOL – I am not sure whether I will ever finish this challenge (or whether I want to. Frankly, the subject matter is beginning to feel bad for my health.) But I keep my fingers crossed that you will!

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    • Oh no! But you seem to be doing so many Richard-related activities, with Flat Richie and the RAdvent CalendRA! I just don’t really have time to even think how I feel about him right now. But it doesn’t seem like his career is on an upward trajectory, at this point.


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