Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: V to Z

It’s been a really rough week at the office, pretty much non-stop since I got back from my trip. Seems like there’s no way to get on top of the work. Made a silly mistake due to doing a million things at once. Got chewed out by someone who really has no right to do so, and it made me really upset because the attacks seemed to be on my character — even though it was just a mistake. Showed my vulnerability in front of someone else that I really shouldn’t have, but what can you do. The glass of wine at the work dinner that he dragged me to that night was just what I needed. So, on to some distRAction… (continued from here.)

V — Your favourite fanartist/author gives you one request.What do you ask for?

I love Guylty‘s Richard Armitage Pocket Shrines (RAPS) and I was lucky enough to win this one:

Much as I do love it, I’ve also coveted a custom RAPS, but have cheaped-out before I could win it during the annual charity auction. My idea is to have a daytime/nighttime theme — starched-up Thornton by day; hot-leather Guy by night.


Very forbidding!


My, my, Sir Guy. What a big sword you have!

W — A prompt or AU for a work of fan art/fiction?

Hmm. How about being married to John Standring and having a recurring spat about the mud that he tracks through the house? Followed of course by him fumblingly trying to make it up to you.

Strandring comes in

John! Can’t you ever remember to wipe your feet?!

Or there’s always trying to think up delicious dishes to tempt the current real-life (skinny) Mr. A. to eat. Imagine feeding him chocolate-dipped strawberries…



X — Is there a fellow fan who got you into either delurking or convinced you to participate in the fandom?

keyboard-155722__340As I’ve mentioned before, it was really the man himself that confounded me so much with his tweet/delete behaviour that I just had to come out and comment!

But the forum that made me comfortable enough to do so was Servetus’ blog, me + richard armitage.

Y — Choose a work of art or a song that reminds you of RA.

There’s a Canadian singer-songwriter with a fabulous voice, who has disappeared from iTunes and almost completely from the internet too. Megan Metcalfe had a top-40 hit in the ’90’s with “Starbird Road”, but then retreated into family life and has rarely been heard from since. She recorded a home studio album called Live from the Bunker in 2008, which was briefly available on iTunes — I guess I’ll lose it if I ever lose my phone! Long story short, I always think of RA when I listen to “Man in My Blood”. One day when (if) I have time, I’d like to try making a fan video using this song.

standing in the noon sunHe looks like a cornfield and his hands are the colour of dirt. Mm-hm.
I’ve seen him standing in the noon sun, rolling the sleeves of his shirt. Uh-huh.
I don’t mind lookin’ ‘cause that’s my kind of view.
When his eyes meet mine, I know he sees his truth.
There’s a man in my blood and I’m beggin’ for mercy,
‘Cause he holds a sweet lock on my heart. Yeah.
Here I lie bone-dry thirsty, prayin’ for a flood.
He makes the tide run high,
That man in my blood.

Z — A chaRActer headcanon that you have.


Not being exactly sure what this meant, I looked it up in Wiktionary, which says that “headcanon” is “Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not necessarily found within or supported by the official canon.”  Hmm. Well, how about that John Thornton, despite being quite emotionally awkward with his first real love, was not inexperienced at all in the physical aspects of love. I fully suspect that he got up to all sorts of high jinks when staying in town for mill masters meetings. (Not that I’ve thought about that much. 😉)

(Images courtesy RichardArmitageNet  and Pixabay)

And there we go! It only took me 5 ½ months to finish the Richard Armitage Fan A to Z, created by Guylty. It’s been a lot of fun, exploring all the why’s and wherefore’s of the fangirl journey. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading along.

12 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: V to Z

  1. Sue I’m sorry about the work situation
    I tried to follow my boss’ instructions recently and he nipped at me and I nipped back a little bit I know how you felt! I didn’t know what hard cannon meant either and it gets used a lot around the Armitage bloggers so thank you.
    I did recently read your poem from maybe 3 years ago which Rachel has commented w a sigh and I second that! Beautifully written I will add. Glad you had a great visit w your sister and relatives although I’m sure the boys at home including the 4 legged one missed you !
    Hang in there and sending positive waves your way!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Z — the historical researchers agree with you in general (many, many men his age did not come as virgins to their marriages). It’s not something that can be traced definitively but the high rates of venereal disease in Victorian England among women point to previous and simultaneous liaisons on their husbands’ parts.

    I’m flattered to be mentioned as getting you out of your commentatordom and into blogging, but I suspect you really, really wanted to come out to play. 🙂

    W — omg. I am so obsessed with floors I don’t even recognize myself. I should write a post about this. Sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry… way behind! Thanks for the historical background. I know a lot of the fanfiction depicts Thornton as virginal, but I would have my doubts.

      Maybe I did want to come out to play, but finding a forum where I felt comfortable was really important and you provided that, for sure.

      I’m not super-obsessed with floors, but I sure like the idea of John S trying to make it up to me!


      • you don’t know from behind until you see my inbox.

        Floors were a tension point between me and dad even before his stroke but it’s a real potential explosion with us now. And yet again I say to myself: what is your issue, Serv?

        Liked by 1 person

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