Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: O to Q

Time to pick this challenge up again… apparently, it’s been a month since the last one. (I’m a bad fan.) Continued from here.

Fan Challenge 2018

O — Casual RA or dressed-to-the-nines RA?

Which one to choose… which one to choose… For today, I think I’ll go for dressed-to-the-nines. (On any given day, however, I reserve the right to change my mind! Multiple times!) Here’s RA getting dressed for the night out, in the Esquire Magazine Photo Shoot.

…which reminds me of another great formal look. The tie going on in the video above makes me think of the cravat coming off in North and South.


Thanks to

Keep on going, Richard!

P — RA on the big screen or RA on TV?

I like the intimacy of sitting in front of my TV, enjoying a show or a movie with RA in it. I really wish that he would get another good BBC series or mini-series. Maybe if he wants to stay close to where his family is he’ll audition for some. I really did enjoy, though, the experience of watching The Crucible on the big screen. Such power comes through best when larger than life on screen, if you can’t actually see him perform in person.

Q — Third season of BS or not?

BS 2.1 Trevor on Train

Sorry, Richard, I’m undecided

The third season of Berlin Station is coming, whether we like it or not. It’s scheduled for December 3 on EPIX, but I haven’t seen an announcement for when it’s coming to Canada via Super Channel. I am looking forward to seeing Richard Armitage on the small screen again — I liked his clean-cut suited look in the first season and also his bearded casual look in the second season — but I really hope the third season is better than the first two. While the spy genre is not my favourite, if the pace is good and the characters and their relationships are interesting, I don’t mind watching. Unfortunately, the BS episodes have been inconsistent, with some of them even boring, and definitely with not enough focus on Daniel Miller for my liking.

48 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Fan A to Z: O to Q

  1. Lovely post, Sue.

    It is hard to choose when the man looks good in (almost) anything. It’s the same with the beard vs. no beard question for me. Don’t pay any attention to what I said yesterday. I change my mind constantly.

    Big or small, I just want to see him. I love being cozy on my sofa but it’s also fun to go out and have a proper movie night (or more likely matinee where I am, if you want the OV) with popcorn 🍿 and the whole production. I envy you for experiencing The Crucible on the big screen. Must’ve been fantastic.

    I’m with you on Berlin Station. There are things about it I like, but it’s not must-see TV for anything but RA. We’ll see what the new season brings.

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  2. Letter O: Love love love the Esquire video, where do you find these?! I think he looks dashing and that little twinkle in his eye at the end is soo charming. I like him dressed up and dressed down so I agree with you. I also like his rolling out of bed, hair a bit messy look although the white T needs to go away now that is in Fall/Winter for more black or grey (like a steel grey color) .
    Letter P: I think anywhere big screen or TV I would watch him. Castlevania S2 started today and I still have to watch the first 4 episodes of S1 b/c I’m not an animation fan. Hopefully something is in the works film wise for him or even BBC mini series/show
    Letter Q: I am fond of BS b/c that is where I discovered him and I like spy stuff. I get why many do not like the series, lot of inconsistencies and sloppy story editing. I get that but I like the aloofness of Daniel and I like his relationship w/Esther. Again I don’t think there will be much of Daniel aka Richard in BS3 b/c he barely filmed anything but I am hoping I’m wrong.
    I’m on team Shrubbery now esp since watching The Crucible on DT. I do like him clean shaven and stubbly. Not bushy Grizzly Adams beard and no mustache at all! Ugh.. He’s very fortunate that he is tall and has a body that can wear clothes well esp expensive clothes and I don’t think that will change…

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    • You know I was thinking about you when I included the video and wondering if you’d seen it. Probably I saw it on someone else’s blog originally and then I went looking for it on YouTube for this post. Bed head is a good look too — so hard to choose!

      I started rewatching Castlevania S1 last night and was reminded just how good it is. I wrote about my impressions when it came out here

      I’m still hopeful for BS S3 to be better, but we’ll see. I’ll get to see it probably a couple of weeks later in Canada unfortunately.

      I’m kind of a beard fan and I liked the Proctor bulk. Maybe we can hope for a role where he has to bulk up again!

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      • Thank thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts and that Esquire video I’ve viewed it like 10 times today👏👏💗💗💗I agree he now looks thin and very very tired maybe withdrawn which breaks my heart. I love the Proctor look next to Sir Guy Proctor is acting wise and looks just so sexy and intense…
        BS3 there’s a press release from EPIX on the summary of the season and it is so cliches and trite I was rolling my eyes
        He goes missing which is double talk for bye bye which makes me upset b/c I like his Daniel look and the potential to really develop his character is out the window 😢😤

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  3. Sue I’m still day dreaming about the Esquire vid. I mean look closely at the longer vid I just don’t know.. I don’t get any of it. I do get if he wanted out of the series and asked to be written out if something huge or BBC ish came along. 🤦‍♀️🤔😤

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    • That Esquire video is mesmerizing. I’m wondering if he felt bad that he wasn’t around more for his mum and if he felt he had to go support his dad to sort out his mum’s stuff and all that. He had immediate work obligations, but maybe he asked to get his filming out of the way as quickly as possible for this season. Just guessing of course.

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      • After my blogging nightmare yesterday-I was the problem child that couldn’t comment on your blog b/c they were heading for spam land. I watched that Esquire vid more to settle my nerves. I hope he stays put in London now to be closer to his dad and brother. I mean maybe there is something huge on the horizon or a play is in the works. I just cannot imagine he would voluntarily give up a starring gig but maybe he knew once he got the script the new showrunner was going in a different direction. It’s been almost 6 months since his mum’s passing so maybe this time underground so to speak will benefit him professionally as well as personally. I haven’t lost either of my parents yet so I’m not one to really judge bereavement yeah know?

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        • Oh wow, Michele. I just saw all your comments in my spam! How weird! And then stupidly, I emptied the whole spam by accident! Oops. Before I did that by not paying attention, I noticed you were talking about your sister and your blog. My sister says “Oh I just skip over all that Richard Armitage stuff”. She just doesn’t get the fascination. But she reads the other posts. She doesn’t comment, but she calls and talks about them sometimes. Her adult daughter(s?) read them too. In fact one of her daughters made me some Richard Armitage laminated “trading cards” and put them in my Christmas package last year!

          Yeah, who knows how bereavement might have hit him. Or maybe he was just written out and hasn’t found a good role yet, and is filling in with audiobooks.

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          • Sue yeah still scratching my head about the
            commenting stuff. My sister thinks the whole crush thing is sweet. She knows I’m commenting and was happy I started my own blog which I told her is non Richard (for the most part) but she’s not political and likes visuals which I’m still working on and she had to have user name and password so that might be it right there.
            I think it’s great that your sister calls to chat
            and your nieces give you Richardy gifts
            That just made me smile!!
            BS: I don’t get what is going on but maybe neither does Richard. I am happy for Orser if he got a meatier role this season

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  4. Proctor was truly a career highlight, I loved him in it, whether live, on the big screen and on my small screen to savour in replays!
    I’m not so sorry of he leaves BS and yes, like you would love to see him a good miniseries for the BBC.. and preferably something other than an action thing.

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  5. Well um he’s got sorta a youthful look to him esp when he filters himself on those infamous selfies!
    He doesn’t look 47 although that is young (I hope cuz I’m 51 umm gulp gulp) I like the shorter crew look anyway not buzzed totally but a little fuller on top or is that fake hair?


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