Common Side Effects of Living with an Extrovert

1. Headaches – Music must be played at all times… preferably loudly

2. Loss of intimacy – All romantic excursions must be interrupted at regular intervals by numerous acquaintances, generally known through sport

3. Feelings of living inside a transistor radio – Anything worth watching (in the eyes of the extrovert) must be shared with the household via the iPhone speaker, and never be impeded by headphones

4. Excessive knowledge of sports – See 2. and 3. above

5. Feelings of being in a musical – It is de rigueur to open the front door and break into song

6. Missing the key lines in a movie – If something is funny, everyone in the general vicinity should know it

7. Feeling like everyone is watching you – See 6 above

8. Being shushed in an audience – Every concert is a sing-along…. and also see 6 above

9. Being startled from a reverie – Any reaction worth having is worth vocalizing

10. Inability to concentrate – See 1. to 9. above

File under: Opposites Attract … and Then What

6 thoughts on “Common Side Effects of Living with an Extrovert

  1. you just described my daughter, but she’s 13 years old 😉 I have a real problem with noise, I’m constantly turning down the tv/radio, shushing my daughter when she breaks out into song, and I always seem to be telling both my kids “I’m right here, turn it down a notch” when they’re excited/mad & their voices rise as they’re talking to me. my mother is an extrovert but her ‘volume’ is relatively quiet. my brother, on the other hand, is SO VERY LOUD. you have my sympathy!

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  2. Yes. Bang, clank, jostle, step, step, step. “Oh, did I wake you up?” Repeat every morning.

    Serv walks up the stairs in the morning, still kind of sleepy and thinking about coffee, to be confronted by Dad, who is having a problem with his computer, needs a button stitched back on, and wants to know what I think about the news. Like, dude, give me a sec. Or three.


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