Who Does This Remind You Of?

So, the other night my Hubby was watching TVwhen he paused the show to listen to something I was saying. But the image he paused on grabbed my attention.  Who does this remind you of?










Now I know that my Hubby would not be watching MI-5 (Spooks).  (He found the death of a female character in one of the earlier seasons to be too gruesome.)  It turns out that this is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the tall (6’2″) dark and handsome man in question is Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer a.k.a.Atom.  If you like, you can check out Routh’s face here.

If you want to compare this shot to Richard Armitage wearing blue sweater and jeans as Lucas North in MI-5 (Spooks), head on over to Ghisborne at Tumbler.

4 thoughts on “Who Does This Remind You Of?

  1. Wow, that really fits the description so well. I think I would have done a double-take, too. Despite the inevitable disappointment once one realises that it actually is NOT Mr A, it’s nonetheless nice to be reminded of him…


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