Milestone: 50 Posts!

50 postsThis week, I reached the milestone of 50 posts!

I hope you don’t mind indulging me as I look back over the 5 months since I started my blogging adventure. Let’s start with some general stats:

  • 26,091 words written, with an average of 522 per post, but ranging from 62 to 1,279 words – When I started blogging I did some research into the “best” post length, but the advice that resonated with me was to write as many words as it takes to say what you want to say!
  • 3,506 views – Thanks for visiting and reading!
  • 693 spam comments stopped – So glad I have spam protection!
  • 424 comments – Aren’t conversations more fun than monologues?
  • 48 followers (WordPress and email) – Thank you so much for following along!

When I started, I wasn’t sure what I would be writing about, only that it would be topics where “I’m Feeling This” applies. I never expected that 42% of my posts would be tagged, “Richard Armitage”! And thanks to the link generosity of some long-standing bloggers, particularly Servetus, Guylty, and Esther, the posts that have had the most views to date are in fact RA-related:

And I’m really pleased to be able to return the favour in some small way, with more than 250 clicks out to other bloggers’ sites!

I enjoy writing about a variety of topics, though, and in fact it’s been movie posts that have received the most comments. This pie chart illustrates the posts by category:


I’m really fascinated by where visitors are located. Isn’t sharing blog posts a fun way for people living across the world to interact?

Views by Country

Thanks for indulging me in my retrospective post as I look forward to more posts and more conversations in the blogging community. And thanks for reading!

As I’ve been thinking about this post, I’ve had a certain Tragically Hip song going through my head. “Fifty Mission Cap” is about the disappearance of a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player, Bill Barilko. But really the song’s been going through my head because it’s the name of the cap that was earned by Allied pilots after completing 50 missions. Yeah, I know, these are only blog posts, but I still feel like I’ve hit a milestone!


7 thoughts on “Milestone: 50 Posts!

    • Thanks! And I appreciate your support.
      No need to apologize for a delay in commenting (but thanks).
      There is so much going on in the world right now that we need to pay attention to. I wonder sometimes about spending time on subjects that can seem trivial… and yet I myself need some escapism too.

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  1. Whoop whoop!!! Late to the game but congratulations on 50 posts!! I very much enjoy reading your blog, so keep at it. On to the next 50 and more! 🙂
    Nice overview of stats, I should do that too sometime when I hit a next milestone. I have a feeling that tiny country The Netherlands being no. 6 on your stats list may have something to do with me visiting here.. 😉

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