Could This Be Richard Armitage’s Next Audiobook?

I was browsing through WordPress today and found the site of an Austen-style writer, J. Dawn King. King is a fellow Armitage fan and has recently been in contact with his representatives to explore having Armitage narrate her latest book, told from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. As she said in the comments in her April 13 post, “so far he has not said ‘no’ so I’m still living in a dream world”.

Joy Dawn King has written quite a number of Pride and Prejudice variations which are available on Amazon. (As I just discovered her site today, I haven’t read any of them.) They are also available as audiobooks there, as well as on iTunes. Her latest P&P variation, Friends and Enemies, (as of today) is still up on and, but is scheduled to be moved over to Amazon this weekend.

Wishing J. Dawn King luck in her pursuit of the Armitage voice. Hearing him voice Darcy would be lovely.

18 thoughts on “Could This Be Richard Armitage’s Next Audiobook?

  1. What a great find, Sue. Hm, even though I am neither an audio book fan, nor have read J D King’s books, RA reading a PP variation would actually definitely get me buying that audio book… Fingers crossed that it happens!

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  2. Thank you very much for the mention. I’ve sent him the latest draft of my story and will send him the final edits when they are finished.

    Friends & Enemies is a highly charged, emotion tale set in Regency England. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s heart is torn in two by circumstances and the consequences of displaying his reputed arrogance and pride. I will be honest, this Darcy made me sigh and swoon as he comes to love Miss Elizabeth Bennet with a depth that is legendary. How can I not hear Mr. Armitage’s rich tones in these characters?

    I may have been overly naive to approach his agency but I am truly hopeful. They have been amazingly kind and are consummate professionals.

    NOTE: I am planning for a release of this story mid-summer via Amazon. If this project is accepted, the audiobook release would depend on his schedule.

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  3. If I understand what several other fans have experienced when approaching his agent for a cooperation, this is what’s called a “soft no.” They just never say “yes” or “no.”

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