Bling for Fitness and Fangirling

IIMG_1012 - Copy like to tell myself that the reason I’m not wearing my Fitbit and trying to up my level of physical activity is because of the way the bracelet looks.

A bit like I’ve been let out of prison and this is the monitoring bracelet, right?

IMG_1016 - CopyIMG_1013 - CopySo, I decided to invest in a more blingy style of bracelet for the Fitbit (from In fact, I liked it so much I bought it in both the gold and silver colour! (No, not real gold or silver, just pretty.) Time will tell if they actually make me more active, but I was really excited when they came in the mail!

IMG_1018 - CopyLast week, while reading in Guylty’s Roundup about a Love Love Love charm bought by totallyradioactive15, I became intrigued with the idea of a discrete charm for my Pandora bracelet to signify only to me my obsession favourite actor. While I am very lucky to have a Guylty Original RA pin, I am still trying to figure how to discretely wear it while hoping to meet up with a fellow fan at the July Cineplex showing of The Crucible.

liebeamour, love, amoreMy birthday is coming up, so a charm could potentially be requested. I found something similar to the Love Love Love charm, and even multilingual, but since I didn’t actually see the play, maybe it’s not the best bling for me.


Then I came across this initial, but since my hubby’s name does not start with “R”, it might be very difficult to explain.

Finally, I thought that a charm in a particular eye colour might in fact be the most discrete and would go well with my black leather Pandora bracelet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which one do you think I should ask for?

9 thoughts on “Bling for Fitness and Fangirling

  1. Love this whole post, Sue! I am a fickle Fitbit wearer, myself. Well, actually, I wear it all the time. But I am most of the time not living up to the demands of a fitness monitoring device… I am trying very hard to incorporate my daily 10,000 steps into my schedule – alas, 10,000 steps equal an hour and a half of time. Not that easy to divert that from the tempting internet… But wow, I had no idea that there were such blingy Fitbit bracelets available. I must have a look for those, too.
    As for the beads – what a lovely idea. I am completely with you on having to avoid auspicious initials. While I have a C and a T on my Pandora bracelet (for my children), an R would definitely elicit comments. I really like the idea of choosing a colourful bead – discreet and personal, just you yourself knowing the significance. Plus, the idea is scalable (in business speak) – blue for blue eyes, yes. But how about a milky opaque white for the Arkenstone (Thorin) (I actually have one of those on my Pandora bangle), a dark purple for Lucas North’s purple shirt of sex, a green one for Porter’s camouflage, a black one for Mr Thornton’s top hat, a dark red one for the de Merville family colour (or Kenneth’s housecoat in act 1 of LLL). Bright red for the Great Red Dragon is obvious. But how about grey for Daniel Miller’s tight undies in Berlin Station? Oh, the possibilities… This could become a very colourful – and valuable – bracelet. Pandora will make a fortune…

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  2. my vote is for the heart charm. I do like the look of it the best but it has ‘London’ in it’s name and it’s a heart, so perfect for the discrete fangirl 🙂


    • Isn’t that great that it has ‘London’ in the name? I like ‘Blue Fascinating Iridescence’ too. Because fascinating is very appropriate and because those particular blue eyes do seem to change colour with the angle or the light.

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  3. Gosh, I don’t know, I’m terrible at this stuff. Love all the blue in all the ornaments in that slide show! Nice pieces too! Maybe I’d have a slight preference for the London Blue Crystal?


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