My Birthday Loot

Before we get distracted by August birthdays (I have two in my family), I’d really like to share some pics of the cool stuff I got for my birthday a while back.

MoviesFirst, some gifts to support my movie habit — a Cineplex gift card and the extended edition of The Hobbit movies (which I went to see only because of who was playing Thorin 😊). The gift card was used for snacks at The Big Sick plus a ticket for a future movie. I’m looking forward to rewatching The Hobbit movies with my older son, since he didn’t come with us when we saw them in the theatre.


My reading habit was also considered, and I read two of the books I received while on my recent beach holiday. Somehow I haven’t been reading as much lately, but I hope I’ll feel in the mood for the other two soon. (Although I just bought a new novel I saw reviewed, so I might read that one first!)

My sister and her daughters sent a “care package” for all four of our birthdays since we can’t be in the same city. It included her home-baked chocolate chip pound cake (yum!). The additional treats were collected by my nieces on their recent trip to Iceland, where they were able to put their newfound driving skills to great use while driving on the narrow mountain roads!

In terms of jewellery, I thought I’d give an update on which Pandora bead I received in the end. I had asked some of you which bead you thought I should ask for, that might serve as a hidden RAminder for me. Ultimately, I suggested a few to my husband, and his winning choice was Blue Fascinating Iridescence.

Blue Fascinating Iridescence

Blue Fascinating Iridescence

I also did some shopping with my in-laws’ very thoughtful monetary gift. I was really excited to find this drop necklace by Chamilia, which fits not only their own beads but also Pandora beads. I have beads in different colours that don’t necessarily go well together on my Pandora bracelet, but now I can slip them onto the necklace to match my outfit or my mood. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this and how much more use I’m getting out of my beads!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I went for a really nice dinner with my family on my birthday too, but I never remember to take pictures until the plates are empty! Too busy actually enjoying the moment, as it should be.

Oh, and I also bought a little pressie for myself — a Guylty-designed phone case (available in three patterns at Redbubble), which can be conveniently camouflaged against my Guylty-made pillow!

Now, to start planning for the family and celebrity birthdays in August…

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