#Armitage fans – Burned by @DigitalTheatre’s Crucible?How to Help — Armitage Agonistes

As designed, Digital Theatre’s new service plan did not include honouring any purchases, including The Crucible and Exclusive Interview with Richard Armitage. Now, apparently, they plan to grant “long-term rentals” to us, but so far it has been impossible to get any response to individual email requests. Perry has come up with an idea to get them to follow through as explained in her post below. In the bastardized words of The Rolling Stones:

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you paid for

Perry’s post follows:

At this stage, with no really helpful reply or action from Digital Theatre, I’m proposing that Richard Armitage fans make a concerted, signal-boosted effort to get @DigitalTheatre’s attention and action – through Twitter and Facebook. (Meanwhile, keep those emails going) Many Richard Armitage fans, and probably other DT customers, have faced a frustrating time these […]

via #Armitage fans – Burned by @DigitalTheatre’s Crucible?How to Help — Armitage Agonistes

2 thoughts on “#Armitage fans – Burned by @DigitalTheatre’s Crucible?How to Help — Armitage Agonistes

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