Favourite Armitage Pictures

Richard Armitage & Michelle Forbes December 2017

With Michelle Forbes @MishkaForbes, 12/3/17

On Tumblr last week was a tag, so to speak,
To be posting our favourite RA.
And as Guylty suggested, bloggers need not be bested…
We can post them most any old way!


With Tamlyn Tomita, Berlin Station Premiere – cropped from Twitter 9/29/16 – oops… source unknown


So, my favourite pics are the ones with the chicks —
They really are just so delightful.

When I look at their eyes (you may be surprised),
I don’t feel in the least bit spiteful.


With smiles so content or with laughter they’re bent
If his quips give them giggles no end,

Embed from Getty Images
RA & Eve Borchardt

RA & Eve Borchardt from page_of_eve Instagram August 28, 2017


They reveal his true essence as they bask in the presence
Of a man that they happily call “friend”.




But sometimes a scene with a costar will seem
To be one that should bring home a prize.

Or a standalone shot, either colour or not…

Oh, they’re all great, I just can’t decide!

9 thoughts on “Favourite Armitage Pictures

          • I think she realized she gets attention if she posts a picture of herself with him. That takes away from my appreciation of the happiness she shoes in the photos. In contrast, when it’s a fan candid or even a photo with a costar where it’s one photo, the illusion is not affected for me at all.


              • Well, that’s a factor, too (and there are plenty of people who think they know the reason). I don’t know, though. To me, she creates the impression that she’s a bottomless pit of need for affirmation.

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