Holiday Decorating

On the weekend, we decorated the house for the holidays. It’s a family affair, complete with traditional snacks and drinks and Christmas music playing in the background.

We pour the Kahlúa and eggnog over ice into crystal glasses and sprinkle nutmeg on top. Then we choose our favourite Quality Street chocolates to munch.

This year, we had a couple of new friends in on the action…

… and the other little guy didn’t seem to mind being decorated and liked this a whole lot better than the antlers we made him wear last year!

The staircase looks pretty at night…

… and of course we always place a crèche on the mantle, but the baby in the manger only appears on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas tree is now complete….

… and we can enjoy our Christmas music.

nettwerkbackstage Sarah McLaughlin with her Music Outreach project participants singing the John Lennon classic “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

10 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating

  1. Beautiful, Sue. The couple of deers are so cute. And I love the pine garland on your banisters. That’s a big dream of mine – having the banisters decorated. But even though I have no lack of banisters in my house (we live on the top two floors of a four-storey-over-basement townhouse), our stairs are either too narrow for luscious decorations, or too long… Also, the manger/creche/nativity!!! It’s lovely, and I like that you have that tradition of not placing baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Day.


    • Thanks. Aren’t they cute? I saw the one with the blue dress and couldn’t resist! This is the first house I’ve had with a nice curved banister I could decorate, so I do take advantage of that. As for the crèche, I had to search to find one that mirrored the rustic one we had when I was a child in Quebec. Most are so ornate nowadays. Placing baby Jesus only at Christmas was an idea my older son brought home from elementary school years ago and we’ve done that ever since.


      • I couldn’t agree with you more, Sue. Most nativity creches are horribly tacky. I inherited mine from my mother who inherited it from her mother-in-law. It goes on display every year (even though I am otherwise not really a believer…)

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