Merry Christmas and Happy Richarding!

I was so surprised yesterday when I opened our Christmas package sent from Toronto and found Sir Guy peering out at me over the ribbon wRApping!

I confess that I couldn’t wait until Christmas but had to open it right away! One of my nieces had decided that since the package included a set of hockey trading cards for each of the guys, she would make me my very own package of ten Richard Armitage Trading Cards! Thanks, J!

Hand-picked, cropped, and then laminated, this collection of favourites will fit nicely in a bag or even in the back pocket of my jeans! Of course my older son decided that in the tradition of Pokémon trading cards, these cards should probably list the Armitagean special attack powers, like “pointy-nose attack” or my suggestion of “blue-bedroom-eyes attack”!

In other news, have you noticed that Richard Armitage’s look seems to be very au courant? Every time I go shopping lately I have to do a double-take! The other day I was shopping and had to take a second look at this picture in the doorway of the Levi’s store! Doesn’t the model on the left bear an uncanny resemblance to RA as Daniel Miller on the right?

And, yes, Richard, this piece of jewelry WOULD be a lovely Christmas gift! Thank you so much for thinking of me!


It struck me that this kiss would make a lovely series of Christmas decorations courtesy of the new Ocean’s 8 trailer (conveniently omitting the sharp object under the ribs!)…

This rose in front of my house somehow was present in the snow on the first day of Winter… surviving like the rose in Helstone (N&S picture from

While Christmas shopping, I came across this great calendar (available at Papyrus). Apparently this is a big thing on Instagram! It’s very nice, but I think they missed one! (Image of a rehearsal of The Crucible from

Well, enough Richarding for now! Time to put the tourtière in the oven for a traditional Québécois Christmas Eve dinner. For dessert, we will have another Québec delicacy, sugar pie. (No, unfortunately, I am not a baker. Luckily, Frenchies Diner comes to my rescue every year, bringing in both types of pie from Québec.)

Leaving you with one of the Christmas songs I most enjoyed singing in grade-school choir, I wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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