Wolverine #6: “Armitage is… a voice box with legs!”

It’s been an exhausting week, but I wanted to post some thoughts about episode 6 of Wolverine: The Long Night before I listen to the next one on Monday.

On The Marvel After Show, Ato Essandoh (Agent Marshall) describes “Armitage [as] just like one big vocal resonator… All he is is like a voice box with legs… Wonderful dude, though.” His voice acting is great… if only we could hear more of it! We hear only a phone call lasting a minute and a half in this episode! And in that call, Logan displays a cavalier attitude that to me doesn’t seem in line with what I remember of the Logan character.

And frankly, now I’m finding the story a bit boring. Why should I care about any of the characters? Now that the novelty of the sound has worn off, I could quite easily stop listening…. except I got too busy to cancel in time and I’m still holding out hope that we’ll hear more Logan.

Going back to the After Show, Essandoh does have a few interesting things to say about working on this project.

  • Acting in a sound studio like this is like working with green screen. You rely heavily on the imagination of yourself and your scene partners to make it seem real.
  • Some of his scenes were recorded outside in a park that was a children’s camp.
  • When sound is all that an actor has, a skillfully sharp intake of breath can be used to create necessary tension in a scene.
  • The actors play to the microphone as if it were the camera.

All right now… on to the next episode. Keeping my fingers crossed for more Logan.

6 thoughts on “Wolverine #6: “Armitage is… a voice box with legs!”

  1. Yeah, I’m with you. The story isn’t all that interesting — it seems like some plot elements are obvious and the ones that aren’t, aren’t that intriguing. I wish we could hear more Armitage.

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    • More Armitage would have been great. I do wonder why they didn’t decide to follow Logan through some of what he’s doing. I think that would make it more interesting from a story movement point of view.

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      • To me this is insider baseball. Clearly you already know something about the character and so you’re waiting to see how that information will emerge in this iteration of the story. That wasn’t me. I knew almost nothing about Logan before I started listening, and I know marginally more now after episode 7, which reveals a vital piece of his character’s backstory. But 70% in you get the backstory? I was obviously not in the target audience.

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