Spring and an Irish Armitage Care Package

Spring has arrived in the British Columbia Lower Mainland. The cherry blossoms are in bloom for their brief appearance before coating the ground in petals.

Of course Spring in Vancouver comes with clouds and rain. Well, as do most seasons, truth be told. Not that I’m complaining… our grass stays green and the gardens are colourful.

Unfortunately, the rain also brings plenty of these! (I just noticed the ladybug in the picture!)


Along with the cherry blossoms came another much anticipated gift… the “You Make My Sham Rock” RAPS (Richard Armitage Pocket Shrine) that I was lucky enough to win in Guylty’s St Paddy’s Day raffle!  Guylty was very generous in putting together a really nice surprise package. It came with a handwritten note in a lovely handmade card. On the front of the card was a small envelope with a surprise Dr White from Brain on Fire [still haven’t seen it] tucked inside!

The gift bag inside included some Irish and Armitage goodies, as well. Now that Spring is here, I may be able to have some Irish wildflowers in my garden! (Now, if handyman, Dr White, would just come by to help me plant them….)

The pièce de résistance, it must be said, was the RAPS itself, enclosed in its own pretty package. Cleverly disguised as a lip gloss container, my pocket boyfriend can now accompany me anywhere!

What impressed me the most — and what I hadn’t realized before from pictures — is just how small a RAPS actually is!

Irish RAPS

Guylty tells me that this tin is the second-smallest tin size that she’s used. I just can’t imagine how difficult it is to put all the little details into such a small space!

Thanks, Guylty, for the fun! Good things do indeed come in small packages!

15 thoughts on “Spring and an Irish Armitage Care Package

  1. Oh, that cherry blossom! So beautiful. We’ve had three days of mild weather and sunshine here last week, and all of a sudden the trees are finally growing leaves. Spring time, hooray!
    And I am so glad the package finally made it to you. It really took its time, even though I promptly dispatched it. ‘Pocket boyfriend’ is a great adage! Hope you’ll have lots of fun with it…

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