21 thoughts on “This Flight Tonight

    • Thanks. I always love seeing the lights on descent. “Everything’s Alright” is from the Andrew Lloyd Weber/Tim Rice musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I listened to the soundtrack over and over again as a teenager. This version is from the film made in 2000 with Renee Castle as Mary Magdalene.

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      • I love Jesus Christ Superstar! when I was young I liked to listen to the soundtrack on the records my father had, then I watched the 1973 musical & bought the soundtrack on CD when I was a teen. my friends thought I was weird, lol! I saw it on tour when Sebastian Bach played Jesus. Carl Anderson, who played Judas in the 1973 musical, was supposed to be in it as well but he was out that day with a sore throat. I was so mad! 😀

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          • oh, I was into Led Zeppelin too. I found one of my old skateboards in the garage the other day and it made me laugh b/c I painted Led Zeppelin on it with nail polish, along with the Batman symbol 😀

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            • I listened to that too. And bluegrass and country music and Broadway musicals etc etc. My tastes were (and are) more eclectic than my friends’. Skateboarding? Cool. My son is talking about getting a longboard.


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