2018 Vacation #3: Parksville, B.C.

IMG_2557Three vacations in a summer! I can’t remember when I last had that much time away. I’m a little behind in recounting my adventures, so I think I’ll start first with my most recent trip, a mini-escape, while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Thanks to my Air Miles collecting, my hubby and I were able to get away for a two-night stay (by ourselves!) at a resort on Vancouver Island. Just what the doctor ordered in terms of a little rest and relaxation. (Of course, my work is such that I was typing away on my laptop right up until the ferry docked at our destination and we had to race down to the car or get left behind!)

The view from the balcony on the first evening was under overcast skies at close to high tide:



We went on out to an English-style pub called the Black Goose Inn, situated in a 1921 house designed by Canadian architect Samuel Maclure. Along with my lager and lime, I decided to order the Farmers Ploughman, in part due to the promise of a Richard Armitage favourite, the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. This treat was house-made and delicious (as was the Scotch Egg,) but whether it would meet the rigourous standards of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association is hard to say.

After our meal, we headed over to the mineral pool at the spa, which came as part of our Air Miles package. My husband was a bit skeptical about this idea, but it was really relaxing, especially as we were one of only two couples there. The heavy food, the ethereal music, and the whole experience made us both really tired and we had a good nine-hour sleep back at the resort.


Breakfast was included as well, so we had traditional bacon and eggs and then, after fooling around on the laptop (me) and a workout at the fitness centre (him), we went walking out from the beach towards the water. This is one of those amazing beaches where you can walk way out at low tide, barefoot through the tidal pools, before you hit the deeper ocean waters. In fact I used the health app on my phone to estimate that we walked 1,700 steps before we reached the water!

… and into the tidal pools.

A bit later, we drove to the next beach town, where we stopped for ice cream and saw these deer grazing beside the road, with the ducks on the water behind them.


We also managed to cram in a bit of shopping for work clothes for me at this surprising local boutique that I’ve been to once before (while away for a hockey tournament with my son, no less). My husband showed an amazing amount of patience as I tried on clothes and found a couple of items I will get some good use out of.

There is a lot of wildlife in and around Parksville. Even while we were having our tasty Indian food at a local restaurant, we had to pause to notice the rabbits in the parking lot outside the window!


We fit in another swim at a different pool, before my long-suffering husband said, “Do we really have to do everything? Can’t I just sit and read, now?” Apparently, I have a hard time slowing down! We finally returned to the room and enjoyed wine (me), beer (him), and snacks (both). After another good night’s sleep and a second complementary breakfast (Eggs Benny, this time), we boarded the ferry and returned to Vancouver and the mainland. Too soon, but feeling very relaxed.

16 thoughts on “2018 Vacation #3: Parksville, B.C.

  1. Sue, wow!! What a mini-escape. It looked divine just soo cool: the food, the water, the ducks, the rabbit, the clouds, the ferry, the deer. Major vacation envy here!!
    So happy for you and your husband to get away. I just love the first pic on the post where the clouds seem to meet the water, a gorgeous shot!! The weather seemed clear there, was it cool or comfortable since the fires or Vancouver Island wasn’t affected? Thank you for sharing this mini escape with us.

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    • Thanks. Vancouver Island is really beautiful. And we were lucky that the weather turned out to be so nice — shorts weather, but not too hot. Vancouver Island does still have fires burning, but more so on the West of the Island — we were on the East side, but for sure the view in the distance was hazy with the smoke.


      • That must be a big island bec from your pics I would not have guessed the fire was burning on the west side. The food looked really yummy and that Scottish egg reminded me of Broadchurch what Ellie had eaten and then gave leftover to Hardy in S3 I think or maybe it was S2.

        That must be some air package a lot included in it!!

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        • Well, yes, it’s around 12,000 square miles.
          I’d forgotten about the Scotch Egg Ellie had! They are a pretty good cold snack.
          The package I got with my points included two nights, breakfast both mornings, and two evenings’ swim in the spa pool. The rest was extra. I’ve used my Air Miles for this place a few times before. Last year I took my sister and nieces there when they came to visit.


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